Applique, as Easy as 123

Welcome to our Applique Sewing Resource Centre, full of hints, tips, tutorials and advice for those of you looking to get into sewing with applique or wanting to try a new technique.

We love all sorts of sewing at Prints to Polka Dots, each has its own strengths, and what we really love about applique is the way you can create something very personal and special out of, what appear to be, no more than scraps.

  • Personalise a larger sewing project – the classic zipper pouch, cushion cover or tote bag etc…
  • Turn a plain t-shirt or top into an upmarket, unique piece.
  • Upcycle old clothes with holes in with the use of regular or reverse applique.
  • Create beautiful pictures in embroidery hoops or on cushion covers, telling the recipient you really know what makes them tick.

Whatever you choose to do, make it fun!  Read through our guides and tip sheets and above all GO SLOW and you will be producing beautiful pieces in no time!

Applique Tool Kit  – coming soon

Fabric choices – coming soon

Designing your applique – coming soon

Making your applique – coming soon

Top Tips for sewing applique – coming soon

Straight line applique tutorial – coming soon

Zig zag/blanket stitch applique tutorials – coming soon

Reverse applique tutorial – click here

Raised applique tutorial – coming soon

Applique patch tutorial – click here

Painting a picture with applique tutorial – coming soon

Visit our applique department at where you can buy all your applique supplies, templates, shapes precut from fabric with our without adhesive, from freezer paper or just from double sided adhesive.