Our Guide to Two Stitches Sewing Patterns – Modern Patterns for Children’s Clothes With a Vintage Twist

Great news all our favourite tested Two stitches patterns are back in stock, so I thought I would take time to review them as to their ease, areas to look out for and hints and tips.


NEW Pattern Zoe Dress

A traditional A-line dress with a gently curved bottom panel where the pockets are concealed, and a fully buttoned back. Whether you choose the short sleeve or sleeveless option, use contrasting fabric for the front panel or not, this is a fun pattern to add your own touch to.

The most difficult part of this dress is the buttonholes, sewing the curve and putting in the sleeves.

The pattern is rated with a difficulty level of 2.  My opinion is that anyone with a little experience should be able to make this.

If you cannot manage buttonholes then I would suggest using snap fasteners.                 (there really is no excuse for not giving it a try!)

The sleeves are not difficult just fiddly, but if you are going to make children’s clothes then you need to get used to fiddly!!!!!!

There is always the sleeveless option if you really don’t want to try the sleeves.

Most Popular Pattern Frida Dress and Swing Top

A classic dress with a twist, this simple A-line dress with a lined bodice has a pleated front which creates body and swing. The pattern includes a shorter version for a swing top.

It is really easy to make and looks very professional when complete.

This pattern is rated with a difficulty level of 1 and is really easy for a beginner. We have made this many times in an evenings class with complete beginners in an evening 🙂

Possible Pitfalls

Make sure you follow steps 1-4 carefully as this will create the pleats. Once pleats are sewn the neck of dress should be the same size as the neck of the lining.


Cute Charlie Hoodie

A modern version of the classic hoodie, this unisex pattern has a geometric twist with a triangular front panel, hidden pockets and a funnel neck hood to give a more contemporary feel. The pattern includes a longer A-line version for a tunic dress.

The pattern is rated with a difficulty level 2. I would say 2+ particularly if you are new to sewing with knit/jersey, I think anyone with a little experience should be able to make this.

The first hurdle I hit is pattern matching the front, the front of the hoodie looks like an upside down Y shape, sounds easy but it is really important if using a patterned fabric to have the front middle pattern matched as it is so prominent,
I decided to try again, this time altering the pattern to get rid of the join down the middle of the front – avoiding that tricky pattern matching!

I folded over the right edge of the front pattern piece (the side that becomes the middle of the front) by my seam allowance.  Then I folded the front fabric in half, right sides facing each other, and placed the amended pattern piece on top, with the folded over edge on the fold of the fabric. This meant I did not have to sew the two front pieces together and the end result was perfect!

Conclusion cut on fold method is best for patterned fabric, whereas Y shape detail is nice on a solid fabric so best not cut on the fold.

I do hope you enjoy making up this hoodie as much as I did.






Adorable Babygro

A baby basic – using fun jersey prints, or classic solids with a contrast trim, this sweet onesie includes snap fasteners on the gusset that open completely and a soft neckline for quick and easy access and comfortable wear. The pattern is rated with a difficulty level of 2 if you are new to sewing with knit/jersey and then I would classify as a 3. The most difficult part for me was topstitching the bindings and ensure I did get there, but it took a little practice with the knit fabric.

However, I did enjoy the challenge and the outcome was beautiful.


Classic Freddie Dungarees/Dress

A unisex dungaree pattern for babies and toddlers, with contrast facing for straps, bibs, pockets and turn-ups. Keeping practicality in mind the pattern features snap fasteners on the inner leg, an elasticated back waist and side buttons. A dress version is also included.

There is also a version for 2 years plus that does not have the snap fasteners on the inner leg.

The pattern is rated as a difficulty level of 3 and I would say that it is really suitable for the more experienced sewer , There are lots of steps involved in making both the dress and the dungarees but they are worth taking! I made both patterns in baby cord and my automatic buttonhole foot struggled with this fabric so I used snap fasteners in place of buttons on the dress. (except for the bib as there were no buttonholes here).


Versatile Eddie Blouse and Shirt Dress

A classic shaped blouse with a front yoke and gathered front panel. The choice of two different collars, lengths and sleeves makes this is a versatile pattern and a perfect addition to any girls wardrobe!
The most difficult part of this dress is the buttonholes, the collar and putting in the sleeves.

The pattern is rated with a difficulty level of 2, but I think anyone with a little experience should be able to make this. In fact we have made in class with beginners as with the Zoe dress snap fasteners could be used instead of buttons to avoid buttonholes. All this really takes to make is a little patience and to follow the pattern carefully.



Bonus Knot Tie Hat available as PDF only

A cute and quick make for any and all babies in your life. This hat is sweet and stretchy and can be made from small offcuts of jersey.

All you need is half an hour a sewing machine a half a fat qtr of fabric! So get sorting through those off cuts in your stash.




Patterns can be found at http://www.printstopolkadots.co.uk/gb/sewing-patterns/by-designer/two-stitches-0

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