Fabric Border Print Challenge

Border Prints were first in line, what to make to showcase the 4 border print fabrics Claire had given me??

Decision made – I will make a couple of girls dresses, a Christmas apron and a cushion.

I will start with the cushion, Michael Miller’s Foxwood border print fits a 45cm cushion perfectly.

The Foxwood Fabric made a lovely cushion – I chose an envelope style cover with buttons perfect for the beginner


Follow the link below for instructions on how to make an envelope cushion without buttonholes.







After looking at Michael Miller’s Holly Jolly Gnome fabric I decided to make a Christmas apron, I worked with the free retro apron pattern on our blog changing it slightly to a reversible apron with a frill, as I wanted to avoid bias binding ( making this easier for beginners}.

I just cut out two main pieces as per the pattern plus a long strip of the contrast fabric (about 1 5 times measurement of outside edge of apron x 2.5 inches wide) folded the long strip in half pressed and gathered on a long stitch, pulling gathers through so that it fitted around edge of apron. Then placed 1 main piece on table with right side facing up and matched raw edges of frill with raw edges around main piece of fabric, then placed the second main piece on top with right side facing down. (the frill should be sandwiched between the two main pieces and all raw edges should be together. Pin and sew round raw edges leaving top of apron open to enable you to turn apron through. Turn the apron right sides out continue following pattern for waistband and straps.

Follow the link below for the Original Free Retro Apron Pattern






There is no place like gnome for Christmas Lunch 🙂

As soon as I saw Michael Miller’s Swan Lake fabric I had a picture in my mind of the dress I wanted to make

I browsed the pattern websites and found just what I was looking for, the dress was called vintage Kate and it was designed and sold by The Freckled Pear on Etsy as a PDF. Perfect I purchased, downloaded and then cut and sellotaped pieces together.




Vintage Kate Dress in Michael Miller Swan lake Fabric

Really pleased with the result, the dress was not difficult to make, but I did spend time fussy cutting the fabric to make the best of the border, the finishing touch was the addition of white piping around the waist.

Fancy having a go at making it?  Then join us at our Intermediate childrens clothes workshop in December



Nova Meadow Main Fabric Border Print


Just Perfect

Last Fabric was an Art Gallery Print, I wanted to bring a second fabric into the next dress so decided on a Lily Bird design which has a small panel in 2nd fabric.


This dress is a beauty and reasonably easy for an intermediate sewer, the only tricky part was putting in the invisible zip.

This will also be available as a choice at our Intermediate childrens clothes sewing workshop here in Ducklington, just outside Witney in Oxfordshire, in December in any fabric you choose

That’s all four items made but I do have a remnant of Holly Jolly Gnome fabric so I have made a bonus skirt. The pattern is available free on our blog





All fabric now sewn, so its time to see what lands next to my sewing machine next!

I have enjoyed working with borders, they do make you think out of the box which is great at my age as I need to keep those grey cells working!


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