Interfacing Guide – Crafts, Home Décor Projects, Soft Toys and Bags!

Welcome to part 2 of our guide to interfacing, if you missed part one – click here.

Part 2 deals with core craft, home decor, soft toy and bag interfacings.  These all build on the core interfacings (light, medium and heavy-weight) covered in Part 1.

Fusible Fleeces

H630 – Is a low loft fusible fleece, less about adding obvious padding and more about adding a cuddle factor to bags, purses and soft toy parts, such as ears as well as zipper pouches and small projects that need to defy gravity to hold their shape!

H640 – Is a high loft fusible fleece for situations where you want the finished project to have a noticeably padded feel to it or where you want the structure to be stiffer (hold its own shape better) than H630 would allow- bags, some clothing, fabric boxes, tablet covers etc.. are great examples of places where you would find H640.

H650 – Is a double sided fusible fleece – simply iron you chosen fabrics onto each side of the interfacing and you have created your own quilted fabric!  Perfect for lightweight quilts and picnic blankets and for any projects where you want a combination of external fabric, wadding and lining.  Just bear in mind, it is best used where the raw edges can be finished with binding or bias tape rather than where you will be sewing pieces together in the usual way (in this situation you will still be able to see the raw edges inside your project and the wadding will add bulk).

Quilters Grid (Also Known as Pellon 820)

Whether you are making a whole quilt out of squares and strips, a panel for a bag or purse, quilting blocks to use in mix and match quilt design or other crafty make, Quilters Grid will make your life easier.

  • There is no need to pin your pieces together as they are fused to the interfacing.
  • Once you have plotted your design you iron it into place on the Quilters Grid – ensuring you don’t get bits mixed up between the table and the sewing machine.
  • Because the design is fused onto the interfacing it doesn’t get pulled out of shape during sewing and ironing processes.
  • You sew your patchwork together in lines, rather than pairs, speeding up the sewing time.

Click here to view our step by step guide to this product.

Heat n Bond Adhesives

We currently stock two types of Heat n Bond Adhesive and a third is on its way!

Heat n Bond is glue on a sheet, you can draw or print an image on the sheet, cut it out and iron it onto the back of your fabric.  You then peel the paper off the back and iron your shape onto your project.

Heat n Bond Ultra is a no-sew option, once it is ironed on you are done – your item can be washed and it won’t fall off!

Heat n Bond Lite is the option to pick if you want to stitch around the outside of the applique, the glue is designed to NOT rub off onto your needle so is better for your sewing machine.

Heat n Bond Soft Stretch is the version to use when adding your applique to stretchy fabrics – this one will help your applique stretch with the garment!


Flexi-firm will make your fabrics behave more like paper or card.  It was originally designed for use in those stiff flat pelmets you find above certain types of curtains, and in tie backs.

S320 is the lighter version,  loved by sewers of baskets, hats and bags, this interfacing adds shape to your projects without bulk.  Soft and flexible enough to easily ‘turn out’ of double sided project and to manipulate when sewing.

 S520 is the daddy of stiff interfacings!  Used across the world in bands, belts, bags, boxes and other creative handicrafts. This interfacing adds defined shape to your projects – we use it to create stiff bag bottoms that can still be washed!


Also known as stitch and tear, Stickvlies is the perfect embroidery and applique backing and is great for transferring and making topstitch work and patchwork.

Tack onto the reverse of your fabric to hold in place, sew or applique your motif and tear away the excess interfacing – it’s as simple as that!

Great for achieving accurate embroidery and snag free appliqué using the sewing machine.

Also suitable for transferring and sewing quilting motifs.

A Couple Of Extras!

Not sure these are technically interfacings but they behave like interfacings so we are including them in our guide:-)

ODIF 505 Basting Spray

Basting spray is a dream product for quilters!

I have to admit, if I am using traditional wadding, I always use this to glue my quilt sandwich together!

I find fabrics move too much when I pin and I don’t have the patience to hand tack the layers together.  I simply spray the basting spray onto my wadding, add my quilt top, then flip over and do the same thing with the backing fabric.  The glue is repositionable and stays good for a few months, so plenty of time to finish the quilting off!

Heat n Press Batting Tape

Batting tape is a super strong but very thin tape that you iron over joins in wadding/batting for quilts.  It is designed to be easy to sew through and won’t fall apart.  It allows you to make the most of your batting scraps, joining small pieces together to make larger, quilt size pieces of batting.

Visit our store to see a short video demonstration.

Waist-Shaper – Great for Bag Straps!

Available is a range of widths and designed with dressmakers and waistbands in mind, waist shaper is actually really great for bag straps.  It adds a lot of strength to your straps, stopping them sag and making your bag looking tired, but most of all it allows you to very quickly and accurately makes straps for your bags – with less fabric!

You simply iron it on to the back of your fabric, then fold along the perforated edges and sew shut.


Combining Interfacings

Did you know you can combine interfacings, just keep adding layers and ironing them into place!

We often combine interfacings when making bags and zipper pouches, our zipper pouch tutorial uses a medium weight interfacing on the outside fabric and H630 on the lining.

Our lined tote uses both medium weight interfacing, and flexi-firm for the bag’s base – no one likes a soggy bottom!

Many sewing bloggers often combine Vilene’s woven interfacing with H630, the woven interfacing gives a super smooth finish on the outside of a clutch or purse and the H630 fleece gives a luxury soft touch feel.

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