Everything You Need to Know About Bias Tape!

This week is all about haberdashery and sewing equipment here at Prints to Polka Dots and today’s focus is on bias tape – choosing and using ready-made tape and making your own!

Ready-made versus homemade

Sewers are often discouraged from making their own bias tape, it seems like a lot of work and you can buy ready-made tape in a wide range of colours cheaply and easily.  So why would you bother?

We love ready-made bias tape when it is used properly and in the right context,  When your bias tape is going to end up hidden on the back of your make the ready-made tape really is hard to beat, it is cheap and more importantly, thin, so doesn’t add bulk to your makes.

We sell bias tape by the meter and by the roll in a wide range of colours for this purpose – click here to view in store.

BUT we do not recommend using bias tape for either hanging bunting (our bunting tape is so much better for that) or where the bias tape will be seen in the finished make.  Ready-made bias tape tends to be quite see-through so you will see your main fabric through it, and if you don’t line the main fabric right up into the crease, you will also see the wobbly raw edge of the fabric trapped inside your bias tape.

There is of course always an exception to the rule, we have seen some premium ready-made bias tapes that are made from thicker fabric which is not see-through, so you could decide to search these out if you don’t want to make your own, but these are not the standard bias tapes, which are thinner for a reason!

Making your own bias tape is really very easy and the folding and pressing of the creases into the tape is made into a fun activity with the addition of a bias tape maker – click here to view in store.

To find out more about bias tape download one or more parts of our Comprehensive Guide to Bias Tape:

Bias Tape Guide

Part 1 – What is bias tape? Which type should you use in which situation.  Homemade versus shop bought.
Part 2 – Sewing with single fold tape and how to turn single fold tape into double fold.
Part 3 – Sewing with double fold tape.
Part 4- Making your own bias tape – both strip and continuous methods.

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