Quick Quilting – Making an I Spy Quilt With Quilter’s Grid

Pellon the quick way to Quilt

I decided to make an I spy quilt for the grandchildren, it was great fun gathering the different fabrics, but when it came to sewing squares together I panicked. Would I be  patient enough  to sew 63 squares together and keep them perfectly  square ?.

I spoke to Claire about my concerns and she introduced me to Pellon a new grid paper she had started stocking to enable easy square quilting (also known as Vilene Quilter’s Grid).


Perfect just what I needed, now everyone thinks I can sew perfect squares!!

I have detailed the steps I took to make my I spy Panel below.

Step 1
Cut Pellon to the size required for your completed Quilt


Step 2

Lay Pellon sticky side up and lay your squares right sides up raw edges together


Step 3

When happy with design Iron squares onto Pellon

Step 4

Fold and pin across Horizontal lines

Note lines should be the size of your square apart
Example 5” squares line should be 5” apart


Step 5

Sew each line with a 1/4” seam allowance

Repeat step 4 to 5 with vertical lines

You will now have a piece of fabric made from different fabric squares. This can be used to make many things. I turned mine into an I Spy quilt.

I used 3 inch strips to make a border

I then cut piece of fusible fleece the same size as the backing fabric to go in between the panel and backing fabric. (I used Vilene – Fusible Fleece 3 Fusible on Both Sides H650 as this does not have to be stitched through to hold in place).

I then cut a piece of backing fabric the same size as the quilt front (including border)

This was all sandwiched together with fusible fleece in the middle of the sandwich

Next step to iron both sides of quilt to ensure wadding is stuck to both sides

The final step was to bind the edges and hey presto I had my I Spy quilt

No further sewing required as the fusible fleece does not break up like wadding.

Here I have made a drawstring bag using a small section of patchwork made with Pellon mixed with normal fabric – if you are local you can join us for a fun evening making one of these – click here.

This is a quick efficient way to make a squared  patchwork panel for those of you (like me) do not enjoy the challenge of Pure quilting.

Good Luck and Enjoy


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