Take Your Dressmaking For Children to the Next Level…

We have a great range of sewing lessons coming up, designed to take your sewing skills to the next level whilst making clothes for children.

We hold all our lessons in Ducklington, just outside Witney, here in Oxfordshire and you can find out more about this course and all our other group and one to one lessons by clicking on any of the images below…

Course Overview

Our Intermediate Dressmaking for Childrens Clothes course can be taken in a block of 4 lessons, seeing you make 2-3 projects from the selection below, or you can choose to come along to a single, two or three lessons to focus on the particular projects you want to make.

The Projects

Trousers with proper pockets (Ages 1to 8).

Make a pair or versatile trousers, these can be day trousers or pj bottoms!  and add inseam (hidden) pockets or visible pockets as in the pair below.

“These are doable in one lesson and once you have this technique nailed you will be adding pockets to everything!”

Leggings (Ages 1 to 8)

Take a deep breath and face your fear of sewing with stretchy fabric whilst making leggings.

“In one session you will learn about how to handle stretchy fabrics from cutting out to finishing your fabrics and sewing – you will never look back!”

Girl’s Blouse (Ages 1 to 8)

This gorgeous blouse will really expand your skill set, with a pretty peter pan collar, sleeves, sewing with elastic and buttonholes all in this timeless garment.

This project takes an average sewer about one and half sessions to complete without homework.

“This pattern is so versatile it can be made in any fabric plus it can also be made into shirt dress with long sleeves, my suggestion make the shirt dress in knit to give it that beautiful warm soft feeling. Just right for those chilly Autumn days.”

Tailored Shirt (Ages 1 to 6)

This shirt is a true miniature copy of a grownup’s shirt, with a pleat in the back to help the wearer move with ease and a proper collar.

You will need two sessions to complete this shirt in class.

“Perfect shirt for that “just like Daddy” feeling, once technique has been learnt no reason not to up size and make one for Daddy too”

Unisex Hoodie (Ages 1 to 8)

Another project picked with those of you interested in learning to sew with stretchy fabrics in mind.  This soft and cuddly hoodie is perfect for autumn winter.

You could take this project on in a single session, but bear in mind you may find you have some finishing off at home – hems for example.  If you choose to make it over two sessions you may find you have time to squeeze in some shorts or leggings.

“A lovely cosy top that looks very professional but surprisingly  easy to make”

Skater Dress (Ages 1 to 10)

Little girls love to twirl in this dress!  Another make that is great for those of you who are interested in learning to sew with stretchy fabrics, this one can be made in a single session.

“This is a dream to make, the top is fully lined taking care of all those raw seams. It is certainly doable in one session even for new sewers. Girls will love to dance in this. Plus side of making in knit no ironing required just wash and wear.”

Reversible Dress (Ages 6 months to 5 years)

Perfect for age 5 and under and for the party season!  This reversible dress is suitable for all levels of experience.

You will need one session to make this dress.

“With a really clever technique for turning this dress out, you avoid any hand sewing!  This dress will see a very lucky girl through all seasons with the addition of a cardigan and tights in the colder spells”

Party Dress (Ages 2 to 8)

This is one of the more challenging makes on our intermediate dressmaking course, but it is worth the extra time taken to make this beautiful party dress.

Allow two sessions for this dress with a lined bodice, buttons up the back and a full, twirly skirt.

“This dress is mid calf length and has a very fully skirt, making it perfect for twirling. It is perfect for parties, although my granddaughter wears her’s as soon as it is back in the wardrobe.”

Note this picture is back of dress

Babygrow (Ages birth to 2)

Who wouldn’t be pleased to receive one of these beautiful babygrows.  Allow two sessions for this make and you will probably be able to squeeze in a beanie hat made from offcuts.

Tackle sewing with stretchy fabrics, binding stretchy fabrics and using poppers!

“So cute, it looks challenging, but is really not too difficult, trickiest bit I found was getting the poppers on the right way round!”

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