Two Stitches Charlie Hoodie Sewing Pattern Road Test

Feeling excited about my new challenge to test out the Two stitches Charlie Hoodie sewing pattern, a great pattern for boys and girls upto age 9 – click here to view instore.

Claire sent over the fabric, Rico Woodland Camping and it went straight into the washing machine.

Fabric dry so time to set about the new challenge.

The first hurdle I hit is pattern matching the front, the front of the hoodie looks like an upside down Y shape, sounds easy but it is really important if using a patterned fabric to have the front middle pattern matched as it is so prominent, you can see it below cutting right through the Reindeer.

This was my second attempt as I had not thought about pattern matching on the first cut and ended up with reindeer head along with half a squirrel on a boat on the other side of the sew line!

The rest of the pattern worked like a dream the end result looked so professional, despite being so easy to make.

As we are going to add this to our children’s capsule wardrobe sewing workshops I decided to try again, this time altering the pattern to get rid of the join down the middle of the front – avoiding that tricky pattern matching!

I folded over the right edge of the front pattern piece (the side that becomes the middle of the front) by my seam allowance.

Then I folded the front fabric in half, right sides facing each other, and placed the amended pattern piece on top, with the folded over edge on the fold of the fabric.

My choice of fabric this time was Rico Magical Summer Unicorns in Party Hats!

The end result was perfect!

Conclusion cut on fold method is best for patterned fabric, whereas Y shape detail is nice on a solid fabric so best not cut on fold.

I do hope you enjoy making up this hoodie as much as I did.


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