Learn Pattern Making Basics Here in Oxfordshire!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our latest dressmaking sewing course here in Witney in Oxfordshire.

On our Pattern Making Basics course we will draft slopers (pattern blocks) for a skirt and then use those slopers to create made to measure patterns for one of a range of skirt patterns.

It is hard to convey how empowering pattern drafting can be.  Once you have created one block you will be raring to go…

  • creating trouser, bodice and dress blocks.
  • looking at sewing patterns with a fresh eye, unafraid to make changes before sewing.
  • recreating your much loved fav. garments by deconstructing them in your mind and drafting your own patterns – even making improvements along the way!
  • upcycling old clothes and finds in charity shops.
  • Altering new clothes for a better fit.

“The process of creating a sloper teaches you so much about your own shape, the function of  the various parts of the pattern and the impact changes will have – you will never look at a sewing pattern in the same way again, and will never have looked so good in your clothes!”




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