The Best Quilting Project For Beginners…

quilted cushion cover tutorial sewing workshop witney
We think this is the best quilting project for beginners.  At first glance you may say – but that is not a quilt!  Well, no, it’s a cushion cover, but it is quilted.  We believe this is the best starting point for quilting because:

  • It’s not too large – one of the biggest challenges for machine quilters is keeping the quilt together and under the sewing machine, starting with a small project gets rid of that headache and allows you to focus on getting the sewing techniques right.
  • The pattern confuses the eye – you would be forgiven for thinking that the best quilt pattern to start with is a one made up of simple squares.  The reality is that the more pared down the design, the more obvious any mistakes.  To quilt square blankets you need to be confident that everything will be lined up perfectly, before and after you sew your pieces together.  This project uses half square triangles, they are easy to make, look impressive and are forgiving to the first time quilter.
  • It’s not too large part 2 – imagine making a larger quilt, getting numerous squares sewn perfectly, spending hours pouring your heart into making your quilt, only to find that a couple of lines aren’t quite right – the more pieces in your quilt, the more likely you are to have mistakes – another reason to start small.
  • It covers all the parts of building a quilt in small digestible bites, selecting a pattern, cutting, piecing together, sashing, quilting, adding wadding and binding.

Selecting Your Pattern, Cutting and Piecing Together

quilted cushion cover tutorial sewing workshop witney piecing

Adding Sashing (with Mitred Corners), Wadding and Quilting Together.
quilted cushion cover tutorial sewing workshop witney sashing and quilting

Creating and Adding Your Binding
quilted cushion cover tutorial sewing workshop witney binding

We have used Riley Blake’s Lucky Star Collection for this cover.   This is a project we make at our Introduction to Quilting sewing workshop, held in the centre of Witney in Oxfordshire, over 2 weeks – choose your own fabrics and pattern and learn to quilt in a relaxed environment.

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