Christmas Santa Sacks Tutorial


Finished size: Approx 66cm long x 52cm wide (26” x 20.5”)


80cm of 110cm (31” x 44”) wide cotton fabric (main external sack).

32cm of 110cm (12.75” x 44”) wide cotton fabric for the fold over section at the top.

50cm of 100cm (19.75” x 44”) wide plain cotton for the bottom of the lining (you could cut up a cheap sheet for this piece as it’s hidden inside the sack).

Optional – ready to use applique (available in store) or handmade applique, made with fabric scraps and heat n bond adhesive.

Optional – pom pom trim 110cm (43”) long.


  1. Cut your two main external fabric pieces.
  2. Arrange your applique shapes on one of the external pieces, keep in mind that you will lose a little on each side for seams, and about 20cm at the top when the top section is turned over.


We used ready cut iron on shapes from our store (available in a wide range of shapes and fabrics).   You could make your own with heat n bond adhesive, we have included some templates at the end of this tutorial for Ho Ho Ho and Noel, alternatively draw your own images or find images you like via Google.  Simply trace your shapes on to the paper side of heat n bond ultra (the images need to be back to front), cut out, iron on to the back of your applique fabric and cut out, then continue as below.

When you are happy with the arrangement, peel off the backing paper and iron into place. If you plan on top stitching, do that now.

Place the second external bag on top of the first, right sides facing each other, and sew along the left, bottom and right sides.  Trim the bottom left and right corners by cutting triangles on the raw side of the seams (this reduces the bulk in the corners).  Put the external fabric pieces to one side.
christmas stocking tutorial images sewing external bags

Take one of your plain lining fabric sections, and one of the fold over fabric pieces. Line the raw top edge of the fold over fabric up with the raw top edge of the lining fabric (fabrics facing each other) and sew together.  NOTE:  once sewn and opened up the top section will look like it is upside down, this is correct – it will make sense later!christmas stocking tutorial images adding turn over to stop

Repeat with the second lining and fold over fabric pieces. Double check that both pieces still measure 80cm long and are as wide as the external sack.

Pin the two lining pieces together, right sides facing, making sure they line up on all sides. Sew the left, right and bottom seams LEAVING a turning gap along one side, of approx 10cm.  Trim the bottom corners as before and then turn and trim lining for christmas sack tutorial

If using pom poms, pin to the top of the sack (onto the right side of the turn over fabric), so that the pom pom tape is approx. 12mm (1/2”) down from the raw edge, pom poms below that, facing towards the main part of the sack. Sew together (use a zipper foot if you have one), working around the whole of the sack (front and back).

christmas stocking tutorial images ADDING POM POMS

Place the internal sack inside the external sack, so that the right sides of the sacks are facing each other and the raw edges are lined up at the top.

Pin the two layers of fabric together all the way around the opening of your sack. Sew together just above the pom pom balls (on the edge of the tape as close to the balls as possible). REMEMBER!  You are sewing two layers of fabric together with the pom poms between, NOT all four layers at the same time.

Turn out the sack through the hole you left in the lining. You should be looking at the outside of both sacks.

christmas stocking tutorial images pulled out sacks

Iron both sacks. Find the turning hole in the lining, fold the raw edges into it, then top stitch this section closed 3mm/6mm from the outside edge (this will be hidden inside the sack).

christmas stocking tutorial images sewing turning out gap

Place the internal sack inside the external one and iron around the top to get the fabric either side of the pom poms to lay flat (away from the pom poms).

OPTIONAL: Top stitch close to the pom poms to hold the fabrics in position.

christmas stocking tutorial images top sewing pom poms

  1. Fold the top of the sack over. If you want to keep the folded over section in place, stitch along the seam lines on each side of the sack, a couple of cms down from the top (1”) will be far enough.
    christmas stocking tutorial images folded over

Time to put your sack out for Santa!


Click here to download a printer-friendly version of this pattern.

Click here to download the applique templates for Ho, Ho, Ho and Noel.

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