Christmas Stocking Tutorial


Approx sizes: medium 35cm (14”) tall, large 45cm (17.75”) tall



55cm wide x 44cm (21” x 17.5”) main external stocking fabric (assumes you are using the same fabric both sides).

55cm wide x 18cm (21” x 7”) contrasting fabric for the turn over section at the top, the toes and heel on the front.

35cm x 50cm (14” x 20”) fabric for the lining (we used plain white Kona, you could use fabric offcuts or a pillowcase).

3cm x 10cm (1” x 4”) fabric for hook.

55cm (21”) pom pom trim (optional).


55cm long x 70cm wide (21.5” x 27.5) main external stocking fabric (assumes you are using the same fabric both sides).

20cm x 90cm (8” x 35.5”) fabric for the turn over section at the top, the toes and heel on the front.

48cm x 70cm (19” x 27.5”) fabric for the lining (we used plain white Kona, you could use fabric offcuts or a pillowcase).

3cm x 10cm (1” x 4”) for hook.

55cm (21”) pom pom trim (optional).


This pattern uses 6mm (1/4”) seam allowances.

Stick together your paper template pieces as directed on the print outs.

Cut your fabric pieces:

  • Toes and ankle x1 of each in your contrasting fabric
  • Leg and foot x 1of each in your main fabric.
  • x 1 of the piece marked stocking in the fabric you have chosen for the back (trace this one back to front).
  • x 2 of the pattern piece marked stocking lining in your lining fabric (one facing each way).
  • x2 of the pattern pieces marked lining topper in your contrasting fabric.
  • x1 3cm x 10cm (1” x 4”) fabric off cut for the hanging loop (optional).

Arrange your toe, ankle, foot and leg pieces in front of you to make a rough stocking shape.  Sew these pieces together – ankle to leg, then foot to leg, finally toes to foot.  Each time, flip the fabric over so that the right side is facing the piece it is being sewn onto, and the raw edges along the sewing edge are lined up (don’t worry about excess fabric appearing either side of the sew line).


Turn your patchwork over and place your stocking template on top.  Trace and cut out your stocking front.

christmas-stocking-tutorial-outside front

Pin the two stocking pieces together, right sides facing, and sew around the stocking LEAVING THE TOP EDGE UNSEWN.  Snip into the curves, this will help the fabric lay flat when you turn the stocking out.

christmas-stocking-tutorial-main together

Take one piece of your lining fabric and place a contrasting turn over piece on top, so that the top of the contrasting fabric in lined up with the top of the lining fabric, pin and sew together (if you are a regular sewer this may not make sense, you would normally line the bottom of the contrasting fabric up with the top of the lining piece – but this is not a mistake – go with it – we want the contrasting fabric to be upside down once this seam has been sewn).

Place your stocking template on top of your lining, it should line up on all sides, but there may be some excess fabric around the top.  Mark the shape of the template and trim as appropriate.  Repeat these steps with the second lining and contrast fabric pieces.  It is worth placing your two lining pieces next to each other before sewing, with the toes facing each other, in this position the seam lines should appear on the same sides.

christmas-stocking-tutorial-lining building

Now make your hanging loop (if using).  Fold your fabric in half long ways, iron and then open out.  Fold the two long raw edges in towards the crease line and iron into place.  Fold the fabric in half again using the original middle crease and press once more.  Sew all the way along the open edge.


Fold the loop in half and press.  Take one of your lining pieces and position your loop half way down the contrasting fabric piece, on the same side as the heel.  Place the raw edges of the loop on top of each other so that approx. 12mm (1/2”) is over the raw edge of the stocking, with the rest on the stocking fabric (see image below) baste into place.


Pin the two stocking pieces together, right sides facing.  You need to sew around all but the very top opening in the stocking as before, BUT this time you need to leave a turning gap somewhere near the bottom, of 5-10cm (we recommend placing the turning out gap at the top of the toe section, as this section is not visible when you look inside the stocking).

Snip into the curves as you did on the external stocking piece.

christmas-stocking-tutorial-sewing lining stocking

If you are adding pom poms then do that next.  Turn your lining stocking out the right way and pin your pom poms to around the top of the stocking, you will find it easier to do this 6mm (1/2”) away from the raw edges.  The pom poms should be pointing down on to the stocking, with the tape part of the trim closest to the raw edges.  Sew into place.


With your external stocking still inside out, and your lining stocking turned out, place the internal stocking inside the external one – taking care to make sure the toes are facing the same way!  The external fabrics of each stocking will be facing each other.  Make sure the raw edges are aligned along the top of the stocking, pin the two stockings together, making sure you can still get inside the stocking (i.e. that you haven’t pinned all 4 layers together) and sew around the top.


Pull the internal stocking out, find the turning gap and pull the whole stocking out through the gap.  Iron both sides of the stocking, folding the raw edges around the turning gap into the gap.  Pin the fabrics together around the gap and top stitch approx. 3mm (1/8th”) from the outside edge.

christmas-stocking-tutorial-closing gap

Feed the internal stocking into the external stocking.  Once you are sure everything is lined up, press.  Top stitch around the top of the stocking, just below the pom pom trim, this will keep the seam line crisp.

christmas-stocking-tutorial-top stitch pom poms

Fold the top of the stocking over. If you want to make sure the stocking top doesn’t move, top stitch along the side seams on the turnover.  A couple of cms (1”) on each side will be enough.

christmas-stocking-tutorial-tack top

Hang your stocking for Santa!


christmas stockings 2015 together

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