Sew Along Bella Butterfly Soft Toy from Melly & Me and Riley Blake’s Flutterberry Collection

This great panel, part of the Flutterberry collection designed by Melly and Me and produced by Riley Blake, includes all the parts you need to make a cute butterfly called Bella.

The panel is available in Red, Pink or Blue, and all you need to make your butterfly is a panel, 6″ x 6″ of fusible fleece and toy stuffing.  All the instructions you need are printed on the panel, but we thought we would make this sew along tutorial to complement the instructions – and show you how simple it is to make on of these super cute butterflies!

flutterberry bugs

Finished size:  Approx 31.5cm (12.5″) tall.


1 x Bella butterfly panel (click to buy in store)

6″ x 6″ of low loft fusible fleece (click to buy in store)

Good quality toy filler.


This pattern uses a 6mm (1/4″) seam allowance.

  1. Cut all the printed pattern pieces out of your panel, the seam allowance has been included in each piece, so cut along the printed edges.  IMPORTANT: When you get to the Front Wing pieces (4 in total) we recommend attaching the fusible fleece before cutting out (see below).
    attaching interfacing flutterberry bella butterfly
  2. Pin the front & back upper wing pieces together, and front and back lower wing pieces together, right sides facing, and sew around the curved sides, leaving the bottom edges unsewn.  Turn out and press.bella-butterfly-wings-sew-along-melly-me-riley-blake
  3. Pin 2 of your arm pieces together, right sides facing, and sew around the curved edges, leaving the straight edge unsewn.  Turn the piece out and iron.  Repeat with the second set of arm pieces.
  4. Pin 2 leg pieces together, one with a shoe buckle, one without, right sides facing.  Sew down the curved edges, leaving the top of the leg unsewn.  Turn out and press.  Repeat with the remaining two leg pieces.
    flutterberry sew along images-legs
  5. Pin two antenna together, right sides facing.  Sew around the curved edges, leaving the straight edge unsewn.  Turn out and press.  Repeat with the remaining two antenna pieces.
    flutterberry sew along images antenna
  6. Stuff your antenna, arm and leg pieces, leaving the top 2cm (3/4″) unstuffed – don’t be tempted to over stuff, you won’t get them under the sewing machine foot!  Baste the tops of each body part by sewing across 3mm (1/8th”) from the top of the opening, using your longest sewing machine stitch.
    stuffed and tacked pieces sew along bella butterfly
  7. Take the front body piece and head.  Place the head on top of the body, so that the neck edges are lined up and right sides are facing each other.  Sew  JUST 1cm together on the left side.
  8. Open out and pin the arms into place.  The raw edges of the arms should line up with the top of the body, and the centre of each arm should be over the line between the flowery part of the fabric and the stripey part.  Baste into place.
  9. bella-butterfly-attaching-arms-melly-me-flutterberry-uk
    Place the head piece back on top of the body, right sides facing, so that the neck edges are lined up at the top.  Sew together – we started at the opposite side to the one we had  already sewn, and pulled the fabric gently in between as we sewed the pieces together.
  10. Place the back of the head on top of the back body piece, right sides facing,  neck edges lined up, BUT this time only sew up to the black lines from each edge – leaving a large gap in the middle.  Iron the seam flat.
  11. Taking your front piece, position one large wing just below the seam between the body and the head with the raw edges lined up.  Place the smaller wing below this wing, so that they overlap approx 6mm (1/4″) with the smaller wing under the larger one (see below).  Baste into place. Repeat on the other side.
  12. Place your ‘butterfly back’ on top of the front and pin together, start at the neck, then line up the black marks on the head, then fill the gaps between with pins. Sew together LEAVING THE FOLLOWING GAPS – leave the bottom of the butterfly unsewn, and leave gaps at the top where shown on the panel, for the antenna. Snip into the curves at the neck and around the head to help the fabric lay flat when you turn it out (take care not to cut into the seam line!).
  13. Insert your antenna.  Place above your butterfly to check their position, then fold down to see their sewing position.  Take one and feed it up inside the butterfly, poking the raw edge out of the antenna gap you left earlier, lining up the raw edges.  With the antenna sandwiched between the front and back pieces, sew across the gap. Repeat with the other antenna on the other side.
  14. Place your butterfly in front of you, so that the back of the butterfly is facing you.  Place the legs at the bottom, so that you can see the shoe buckles.  Fold the legs up into the body, placing them on top of the front piece of the butterfly, so that they are on the stripey tummy panel, baste into place on the front piece only.
  15. bella-butterfly-legs-attaching-flutterberry-melly-and-me
    Making sure the legs are still facing up into the butterfly, pin the butterfly base around the opening at the bottom of the butterfly (see below).  We recommend starting by pinning the side seams, then the middle of each long side.  Sew together (we did the long edges with the sewing machine, but the short sides with a hand sewing needle as turning under the sewing machine foot was a challenge!).
    Turn the butterfly out through the hole in the neckline and press.  Its best to pull the stuffed parts out first, the fabric only sections will easily follow.
  16. bella-butterfly-turning-out-melly-me-riley-blake-flutterberry
    Stuff your butterfly and close up the gap using ladder stitch.
    bella butterfly sewing gap on back riley blake melly and me

We hope you enjoyed making your butterfly, please do send us your pics and top tips!

sew along melly and me bella butterfly riley blake made

Click here for a printer friendly version of this pattern!

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