New product to make laminated fabrics at home


I bought this product from the states, you will probably all tell me you can already get it here, but i hadn’t seen it before.  I have been working on a pattern for a cover for the baby wipes.  We always have several packets lying around the house, for faces, floors and walls! 

So any way, this product comes on a roll like the stuff we used at school to cover our text books, but not as sticky.  You cut to size, remove the backing, place on the fabric (it is just tacky) and then iron in place.  I have used it to line the fabric that sits ontop of  the wipes and around the area where you pull the wipe out.

I have taken some pictures and will add them when I find the camera cable!  But you could use it to laminate fabric for bags, boxes for the bathroom or pencil cases, as well as table runners and placemats and bibs – I am definatley going to get a larger roll for the shop.

baby wipes cover using iron on laminate to stop everything getting wet!

Since making this one I have thought of ways to make the pattern less fiddly and will make a new version this week – i hope to have step by step instructions in the pattern section by the weekend.  It uses 1 half a fat quarter of fabric, less then half a fat quarter of interfacing (in the sample I used a cheap face cloth from sainsburys) and 1x 4 inch x 16 inch strip of iron on laminate).

This product is now in store, quarter of a yard is £1.75, half a yard £3.45, if you want 4 yards or more the price reduces to just £6.00 a yard – click here!

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