Union Jack T-Shirt

union jack tee shirt quick applique free pattern tutorial

We bought a pack of 2 white t-shirts from M&S for £3, and you get 4 flags for less than £3.50, making these t-shirts ridiculously cheap to make – and with the world cup on the horizon, just the ticket!


The Union Jack image is 9.25” x 11.25”, we used it on a UK size 9 child’s t-shirt and adult size 12 long sleeve top, you could go smaller but would have to consider losing some of the image if you went much smaller.

T-shirt/top in your chosen size

Union jack x1

Heat n Bond Lite adhesive or tear away stabliser, a minimum of 9.25” x 11.25”.


Trim your union jack image down, we left ½” of white border on each side.  Next you need to stabilize the t-shirt fabric, which is naturally stretchy and so easy to pucker when sewing, you can do this by gluing the flag to the front of the t-shirt, or by applying stabilizer to the wrong side of the front of the t-shirt. 

union jack flag tee shirt t shirt tutorial image 1

If you are using Heat n Bond Lite (gluing the flag to the front of the t-shirt)
Cut your interfacing ½” shorter than the flag fabric on each side.
Line up the interfacing in the middle of the flag (wrong side facing you), and iron into place.
Take a pair of sharp scissors and snip into the fabric, up to the interfacing, all the way around. 

union jack tee t shirt applying interacing and rag border tutorial

Peel the paper off the back of the interfacing, line the flag up on the front of your top, pin to the front of the t-shirt and then iron into place.

attaching union jack flag to tee t shirt tutorial

If you are using tear away stabiliser
Take a sharp pair of scissors and snip the ½” border around the flag (as above).
Pin the flag to the front of your t-shirt, turn the t-shirt inside out and iron your stabliser sheet (cut approx ½” larger than your flag on each side) on the wrong side of the front of the t-shirt, so that it covers the area covered by the flag.
Turn your t-shirt back the right way.

Both methods
Sew around the edges of the flag, just below the snipped border, taking care to make sure the back of the top is well out of the way.

sewing border around the tee short flag union tee t shirt tutorial jack

Toss your top into the washing machine and then, if you have the option, tumble dry, this will ruffle up the snipped border.

Wear your top with pride (the more you wash it the better the border will start to ruffle up and look vintage rock and roll!).

Fabrics used: Riley Blake Union Jack fabric and Heat n Bond Lite Adhesive.

Click here to download printer friendly instructions.
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