Cafe Style Unisex Apron – Free Pattern

                  Truly Unisex, as shown by our two models!

unisex cafe apron shots
finished cafe

Finished Size: 32” x 14.25” + ties!


18” x 44” for the apron front and pockets (if you want the pocket to be one piece of fabric, or want to pattern match the two halves you will need more fabric).

4.5” x 36” x2 for the ties.

8.5” x 16” for pocket lining.


Cut a piece of fabric measuring 34” wide x 17” long.  Fold in half, right sides together, so that the fold in on the left.   Place the template (available on the blog) on the opposite side, mark the right hand, curved shape, and cut out. cutting apron cafe
Fold the left and right edges over ¼” iron, then fold again ¼”, iron and then sew a top seam one each side (the raw edges will all be hidden in the seam).

hems on sides cafe
Fold the bottom edge over ¼” and iron the fabric, then fold over ½” and iron once more (the raw edges at the bottom are all now hidden).  Sew a top seam. bottomandside hems cafe
Fold the top edge over 1” and iron, then fold over 1” more and iron again (the raw edges are all now hidden).  Sew a seam along the bottom.

cafe top seam

For the pockets cut the off cut from the apron front in half, so that you have two pieces measuring 8.5” long.  Pin right sides together and sew a seam along the right hand side.  Iron the seam flat.

pocket together1 cafe

Pin your front pocket piece to the lining piece and check that you have a perfect rectangle.  Sew around all the sides, leaving a 2” gap along the top (away from the middle seam and the corners).  Turn out through the gap.

line pocket cafe
Make sure the corners are all pushed out and then iron flat.  Fold the raw edges (at the turning out point) into the pocket so you end up with a neat line.  Sew a top seam across the whole of the top of the pocket. 

pocket top stitch cafe

Position the pocket on the apron (there is no right or wrong place to put this, we just put it right in the middle). Pin into place and sew a seam around the left, bottom and right sides, and up the middle (following the seam line of the join between the two pocket pieces).

pockets on cafe

Take one of your 36” ties, fold in half lengthways (long edge down to long edge and right sides facing).  Sew along the open long edge.  One short end will be left as it is for turning out, the other end could be sewn straight down (for a boxed end) or, as we have, you could cut a diagonal and then sew. Repeat with the second tie.

sewing tie cafe
Turn the ties out and iron flat.  Sew a top seam around all the edges, don’t worry about the raw edges on one end, they will be hidden inside the apron later.

tie top seam cafe

Fold the raw end up as shown in the image below.  Then insert about an inch into the edge of the apron (the top edge).  Sew a seam over the end of waistband (where you have just placed the tie).  Repeat on the other side of the apron.

ties into apron cafe


finished cafe

Fabrics used: Newcastle Wishes Fabric

Click here for template.

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