Child’s Adjustable Apron – Free Pattern

With two children who love to cook I know the disappointment of buying a gorgeous apron for them only to find the neck strap is too long and I need to tie a knot in it – Well no more, with this super easy pattern the neck strap is adjustable and so the apron can grow with your child – it fits my 6 year old (small for his size) and 10 year old!


 Finished Size: Approx 16.5” at widest point, 22” long.


24” long x 18” wide of main fabric, we have made using laminated fabric and PUL for easy cleaning, but you can also use regular cotton or home décor weight fabrics like those made by Premier Prints.

10.5” x 5.5” x2 for pocket (optional)

2.5 yards Apron tape


Take your main fabric, measure 4.75” along one of the short edges and make a small mark, repeat on the other side of the same edge.   Then measure down the adjoining long side 7.25” and make a mark.  Repeat on the other side of the short edge.

marking the apron edges

Join the marks up across each corner and cut along the resulting lines.

cutting corners

Fold the edges, marked on the image below, over ¼”, and iron flat (if you are using laminate or PUL you will need to pin into place instead as with a cool iron these fabrics don’t crease easily).  Then fold over once more to hide the raw edges and give a neat finish (if you are using laminate or PUL fabrics you don’t need to fold over a second time, as the edges won’t fray, but we chose to still fold the edges again as we think it gives a more professional finish) then sew a top seam along each of the folded edges.

 Top Tip:
 If you are sewing with laminate and you find it sticky, rub some flour over the fabric before sewing  (it works, trust me!).

On the diagonals fold over ¼” once and sew a top seam.  Then fold over 1” and sew a top seam.diagsides
If you are adding the pocket, take your two pieces of pocket fabric and place together, right sides facing, sew a seam all the way round, leaving a gap of a few inches in the middle of the straight edge.


Snip into the curve, up to the sew line, this helps create a smooth shape when you turn out. Turn out.  Fold the raw edges into the pocket and sew a top seam along the straight edge.



Pin the pocket onto the apron at a height to suit you (the top of our pocket is 12” down from the top).   Sew a top seam, close to the edge, on the curved side only.



Take your apron tape and thread up through one of the diagonals, across the top and down the second one.  You will find this easier to do if you insert a long pin or safety pin, in the top, you can feel this through the fabric and ease it up to the top/down to the bottom.


The final step is to create seals for the ends of the apron tape, you could just fold over the ends and sew a seam (to stop unravelling) but we created ends out of fabric off cuts as we think they look neat and, as they are a little wider than the channels the tape runs through, they help stop the tape falling out of the apron.

Take a piece of fabric, 2.5” x 1.25” and fold in half, right sides facing, sew along two adjoining sides.  Turn out, pushing the corners out with the end of a fork or similar.  Fold the raw edges inwards and then insert the end of the apron tape.  Pin into place, so that the tape is in the centre, and then sew a top seam. Repeat on the other end of the tape. 

end pieces

Present to your Star Baker in the making!

 Click here for pocket template.
Click here for printer friendly instructions.
Click here to buy as a kit in store from as little as £4.55!
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