Are you Naughty or Nice? Free Christmas Cushion Pattern

Which are you?


Finished Size: Approx 9.5” x 11”


For the front:                                                               For the back:
2.5” x 11.5” top strip fabric x1                                  3.25” x 11.5” top strip fabric x1
6” x 11.5” middle strip fabric x1                               6” x 11.5” middle strip fabric x1
2.5” x 11.5” bottom strip fabric  x1                          2.5” x 11.5” bottom strip fabric x1
1″ strip of top fabric (x11.5″) x1

21” x 4” Heat n Bond Ultra Adhesive
12” x 4” fabric for Naughty writing
9 x 4” for Nice writing
12″ Zipper and Zip Tape
42″ of Pom Poms

Cushion insert or fabric and toy stuffing (approx. 225g) to make your own (fabric needs to be 2x 10”x11.5”)


Print out the Naughty and Nice applique templates (available on the blog) and either glue them onto the paper side of Heat n Bond Ultra, or trace them on (the letters are supposed to be back to front).


Iron the heat n bond onto the fabric you have chosen for the words.  Cut out the letters.words
Take your middle pieces of cushion cover fabric, arrange the letters (remembering to leave room for the seams on all sides of the backing fabric.  When you are happy with the look, peel off the backing and iron into place.  If you want to applique the letters do so now, using a zig zag or blanket stitch (this is purely decorative as the glue will stay put).



Fold the background fabric in half width and length ways and iron, the creases will help you line up the letters and centre the words.

If like us you find that the fabric you have used doesn’t show up as well as you thought (the nice word in our case) applique in a contrasting colour to make the letters stand out.

Take your bottom and top pieces of fabric and attach them to the middle sections, using a ¼” seam.

If using, pin pom pom trim around the edge of the front piece, so that the tape is at the edge of the fabric and the pom poms are facing into the fabric.  Sew into place using a long stitch.

various 025

Take your 1” strip and pin along the top (where you are putting your zip), right sides facing.  Sew into place, making sure the pom poms are still facing into the main fabric and that the seam is sewn below the edge of the pom pom tape, to ensure that it does not show on the finished cushion.  Open up and iron flat.

1 inch
Fold the strip of fabric behind the front of the cushion, using the seam as your fold line, and iron flat.  Fold ¾” over on the top of the piece of fabric for the back of the cushion and iron flat.  Then place the two pieces of fabric together, right sides facing, so that the two creases you just ironed in match up, and sew along the crease using your longest stitch.

joining for zip
Place your zip over the sewn line, with the middle of zip in line with the seam.  Pin the zip to the seam allowances on each side and then sew into place along each seam allowance (don’t sew through the front or back cushion fabric) with your longest stitch.


Turn the fabric over and carefully cut away the stitches covering the middle of the zip. Still looking at the right side, sew a top seam, on each side of the zip, close to the teeth of the zip (a zipper foot for your sewing machine will make this much easier!).

Make sure your zip is open and then pin the front and back pieces of your cushion cover together, right sides facing.

Sew around the three edges with no zip, making sure the pompoms are facing into the cover. Turn out.together


If you need to make a cushion insert, take your chosen fabric (if starting from scratch we recommend curtain lining, white broadcloth or an old light coloured pillowcase or sheet, we are using old offcuts up but treating the back of the fabric as the front to stop the colours show through the final cushion cover).  Cut your cushion fabric pieces (one front and one back, ½” bigger than your finished cover).  Sew around all 4 edges, leaving a gap of about 3” for turning out and stuffing.  Stuff with toy filler and then sew the gap up, this doesn’t have to look pretty so you can just line the fabrics up and run through the sewing machine or hand sew a line of running stitches, as no one sees the insert.

various 073

Pop your cushion insert into the case, zip up and decide which way to put the cushion today!


Fabrics used: Red Rooster Here Comes Santa Range, Kona White and Tomato Red
Pom Poms Used: Fancy Pants Pom Poms
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