Personalised Cushion – Free Pattern

This cushion tutorial uses pompom trim and shows you a stress free way to sew in the perfect zip. We made this one for nanny for Christmas  (or should I say my 6 year old did) but you can create any image for any or all of the members of your family!

cushionnanny 086

Finished Size: Approx 17.5” square.

Requirements (for an 18” cushion insert, for a different size see instructions in brackets):

18” x 18.75” (size of your cushion plus ¾” on one side) of fabric (cushion back)
18” x 18” (size of your cushion) of fabric (cushion front)
18” x 1” (width of your cushion x 1”) of front fabric
18” (width of your cushion) zip and zipper
72” of trim (width + length of cushion x2) – optional
Heat n Bond Ultra adhesive – enough to cover your image/s
Fabric off cuts – enough to make your image/s

Tip: the extra ¾” and 1” on the main fabrics are for the zip, put the zip on the side and you can get all the pieces out of a ½ yard of fabric and use a smaller zip!


Get your budding artist to sketch your image, you want bold shapes which you can easily cut out of fabric.

Scan the images in to your computer and then you can grow and shrink them to fit your space.  Print out (if you don’t have a scanner draw a box on a sheet of paper a few inches smaller than your cushion size and get the picture drawn into the space at the right scale).

scanned in

Turn your images over and trace the lines of the drawings with a thick pen or pencil.

Place your heat n bond adhesive over the top of the images (wrong side of the images showing) and trace through onto the heat and bond, or glue the sheet, onto the paper side of your heat n bond.


When tracing your shapes group them by the fabric being used, we have red windows, apples and writing, we put all these together on the heat n bond, even though they don’t end up next to each other on the cushion.

Break shapes down into smaller pieces when you want to add detail, like the dog on our cushion, which would look more like a blob if we cut 1 shape, or the window with curtains.

Cut the heat n bond ready to attach to the fabric. Iron onto your chosen fabrics.


Cut out your shapes and build your image. Peel the back off your pieces and iron them into place.  If you want to stitch around the outside for an applique effect, do so now (this is purely decorative as the heat n bond will not peel off or fray), we recommending using a zig zag or blanket stitch.

cushionnanny 034

 TIP: When deciding where to place your pieces, put your top fabric on top of the cushion, as the curve of the cushion will affect how your pieces look.

Pin your pom poms to the edge of the front cushion piece, so that the pom poms are facing into the cushion. Sew into place.

cushionnanny 038

Take your 1” strip and pin along the side where you are putting your zip, right sides facing.  Sew into place, making sure the pom poms are still facing into the main fabric and that the seam is sewn below the edge of the pom pom tape, to ensure that it does not show on the finished cushion.  Open up and iron flat.addingstrip
Fold the strip of fabric behind the front of the cushion, using the seam as your fold line, and iron flat.  Fold ¾” over on the top of the piece of fabric being used for the back of the cushion and iron flat.  Then place the two pieces of fabric together, right sides facing, so that the two creases you just ironed in match up, and sew along the crease using your longest stitch.

Iron the seam flat, then place your zip over the sewn line, with the middle of zip in line with the seam.  Pin the zip to the seam allowances on each side and then tack into place along each seam allowance (don’t sew through the back or front cushion fabric) with your longest stitch.positioningzip

Turn the fabric over and carefully cut away the stitches covering the middle of the zip. Still looking at the right side, sew a top seam close to the teeth of the zip, on each side of the zip (a zipper foot for your sewing machine will make this much easier!).

cushionnanny 068

Make sure your zip is open.  Pin the front and back pieces of your cushion cover together, right sides facing.  Sew around the three edges with no zip, making sure the pompoms are facing into the cover, and that the sew line is past the pomp on tape (the tape is on the outside of the cushion). Turn out.
cushion together


Fill your cover with your cushion insert.

cushionnanny 086

Ready for wrapping or displaying!

Fabric Used: Kona Solid Colours, Puppy Park Collection from Riley Blake.

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