Reversible Waterproof Storage Baskets – Free Pattern

                  Great for the bathroom, pens or makeup!
Made using PUL fabric which is waterproof, wipe-able and washing machine safe.
circle baskets 005

Finished Size: Small 6.5” wide x 4” tall, large 6.5” wide x 6” tall.

Requirements (small basket measurements in brackets):

8” x 27” (6.5” x 27”) long External Fabric (PUL)
8” x 27” (6.5” x 27”) long Internal Fabric (PUL)
6” x 27” (4” x 27”) Flexi Firm Interfacing (Or any very thick interfacing)

Method (small basket measurements in brackets):

Cut 8”x20” (6”x20”) strips and 6.5” diameter circles out of the internal and external fabric.   Cut a 6”x20” (4”x20”) strip and 6.5” diameter circle out of flexi firm.

round baskets 011

Place each strip in front of you, so that the short edges are at the sides.  Fold each strip in half, left to right, and sew down the short edge (1/4” hem) to form tubes.

round baskets 012

Pin the relevant fabric base to each of the tubes, and sew a ¼” seam.

round baskets 013

On the flexi firm base, cut notches into the raw edges, up to but not over, the seam.  Then turn the flexi firm basket inside out (so that the raw edges are on the inside). Put to one side.

round baskets 009

Place the two main fabric baskets inside each other, right sides facing, and sew a seam around the top, leaving a 2” gap for turning out. 

round baskets 018

Place the flexi firm shape inside the fabric pieces.

round baskets 020

Now turn out the basket, through the gap left, you will think it is impossible but persevere and it will suddenly pop out!  Manoeuvre the flexi firm shape into place.


Fold the raw edges from the turning out gap inwards, and then sew a top seam around the whole of the basket, securing these edges and creating a crisp line around the top.

top stitch

Pin the three layers of fabric through the bottom, then turn the top over so that the new top edge is in line with the top of the flexi firm shape.  If you want to make more secure you could sew a few stitches on each side of the turned over fabric.  Take the pins out of the base.

Fill your basket up!

circle baskets 005


On the smaller basket we turned the top section over twice, still ending where the flexi firm started, hiding the top seam and making the turned over section smaller.

You could use fusible fleece instead of flexi firm, for a squashier basket.

Why not sew a few small circles in the base and then cut the fabric out from inside the circles, creating drainage holes.

Click here for the circle template.

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