Funky Door Stop with Handle – Free Pattern

Finished Size: Approx 6” wide x 9.5” high (to top of handle)


12” x 34”w main fabric
12” x 34” heavy weight interfacing
Rice, Beans or other dried pulses for the filling.


Take your fabric and iron on heavy weight interfacing (not necessary if your using heavy weight fabric).  Cut the template pieces out and stick the two parts of the main template together as directed on the template.  Trace and cut out your pattern pieces as directed on the pattern pieces.  Pin the two side pieces together, right sides facing.

doorstopwithhandle 011
Fold the right hand edge over to the left and mark where the sides meet at the top, then unfold and return to the mark, make a second mark ½” below it.  Sew a seam on right side, top to bottom, and on the left side, from the bottom mark to the bottom.

Iron the seams flat and then pin the base to the bottom, so that the right side is facing into the door stop and you can see the interfacing.  Sew into place.
doorstopwithhandle 018

Take the internal piece, fold in half right sides together (so it looks like the template).  Place the fabric on top of the main doorstop so that the handles match up.    Where the internal fabric meets the seam you have already sewn on the main doorstop, make a mark.  Take the internal fabric and sew up to that mark from the crease.
internal to crease

Insert the internal piece into the main doorstop, so that the handles are lined up and the right sides are facing each other, pin the pieces together.

Sew a seam starting 2” down the curved side of one handle, finishing 2” from the top of the other side.  Move to the other side of the handle and start sewing, from 2” down from the top, when you get to the seam you have already sewn in the internal piece of fabric (sticking up in the last image) stop, and restart your seam on the other side (do not sew over the seam), continue until you are 2” from the top of the handle.sewingtogether

Turn the doorstop out through one of the handles.

doorstopwithhandle 037

Take the handle ends, when these ends are sewn together they will make one handle, there are 2 pieces of fabric on each side, one will be part of the top of the handle, one will be the underside of the handle.  Take the underside handle pieces from each side (fold the top side handle pieces out of the way) and twist them round so that you can pin them together, right sides facing, lined up at the top.  Sew a seam. We will deal with the top pieces later.


Next sew a line of stitches around the top edge of the door stop, sew close to the edge (see later images to see how close), don’t sew the 1st two inches of each handle.
finishing seam

Now fill your doorstop, we used chickpeas, but anything with weight to it will work, a 2kilo bag almost filled two of these doorstops, we used an icing bag to feed the filling into the doorstop, and then topped up with some left over toy stuffing.

The last step is to finish the handle. Pin the two pieces of fabric together for the top of the handle, rights sides facing and raw edges lined up.  Check that when the seam is sewn both sides of the handle will sit together neatly, if not you may want to increase the size of the seam.  When you are happy with the look sew the seam.handleslast
Fold the raw edges inside the handle (I then ironed them to help with sewing).  Then finish the top seam on each side (the row of stitches near the edge) securing the raw edges as you go.lastsewing


Fabrics used: Geekly Chic from Riley Blake, Gracie Girl by Riley Blake

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