Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern

No more scrabbling around under the pillow for the tooth fairy!

tooth fairy cushionFinished Size: Approx 6” x 7” (excluding the handle)


7” x 8” square of pillow fabric x2
1.5” x 22” fabric for the handle
1.5” x 8” strip of wide ric rac (or shape of
your choice for the title area)
3.5” squares x2 for circles
3” square for the tooth
1” x 4” for STOP writing
1” x 5” for TOOTH FAIRY writing
1” x 3” for THANK YOU writing
1” x 2” for TOOTH writing
1” Velcro (you only need to rough side)
9” ribbon to attach the circles to the pillow
3.5” x 10” fusible fleece
1” x 14” Heat n Bond Adhesive
Toy stuffing.


We will start by making all the decorations for the pillow.  For the tooth, stop circle and thank you circle the method is the same.  Cut 3.5” squares for the circles and a 3” square for the tooth out of your chosen fabric and the fusible fleece.toothfairy 023

Iron the fabric onto the rough side of the fleece.  Then trace the templates onto the fabric and cut out.

toothfairy 026

For the writing (including the writing on the ric rac) place the heat n bond adhesive over the template sheet and trace through the shapes of the letters (they will be back to front).

tracing writing

Cut each word block out and iron onto the appropriate fabric, then cut out the words.writting

Peel the back off the adhesive and place on the appropriate shapes, iron into place.


Now for the ric rac (wavy section at the top of the cushion).

You can buy the ric rac with adhesive attached (see in store) or buy or cut your own shape without adhesive.  Line the ric rac up one of the main cushion pieces, remember, when deciding where to put it, to leave room below for the circles and tooth, and above for the hem (it’s worth placing everything on to check you are happy).

When you are happy with the placement of the ric rac, either peel the back off and iron into place, or sew onto your cushion with a zigzag or blanket stitch.


Now place on your tooth and circle in the right place to check you are still happy with the overall look.  When you are happy, pin the tooth into place and sew a hem, around the outside, leaving the top clear as this is the opening of the pocket for the tooth (the fabric won’t fray because it is attached to the fleece so you can use whichever stitch style you like).  


Place the Velcro piece on the cushion, under where the circle will be, place the circle on top, just to check it isn’t peaking out any side, and then sew the Velcro into place.velcro

Now for the handle.  Take your strip of fabric and iron it in half, open it out and then fold the bottom raw edge up to the crease, iron again, then fold the top raw edge into the same crease and iron again.handle1

Now fold the whole tape in half. Pin and sew a seam down each long side of the tape.strap2
Place the handle on the front of the pillow, so that the handle in dipping down over the fabric, and the ends are sticking out over the top, pin or tack into place.

toothfairy 069

Now take your length of ribbon, cut it in half and place both pieces so that they are approx. half way down where the circle will be, again with the longest piece on the fabric and the ends off the edge closest to the circles, and pin or tack into place.

toothfairy 071

Place your second piece of cushion fabric over the top, line it up with the front piece, pin and then sew a seam all the way round the outside, starting approx. 1.5-2” inches down one side and finish approx. 1.5-2” above this point (the gap you have left unsewn will be used to turn the pillow out.)

toothfairy 074

Turn the cushion through the hole, taking care if you have any pins left. Then iron flat.turn

Attach the circles to the ends of the ribbon, we chose to sew a row of stitches all the way around each circle, making the stitching part of the pattern, but you could just stitch over the actual ribbon.


Stuff with toy filling and then sew up the seam using ladder stitch, if you are new to ladder stitch, watch this You Tube clip for a great demonstration.

Now wait for a tooth to fall out!

We used: Riley Blake’s Boy Crazy fabric collection,  Kona white and red.

Click here for the templates needed for this project.

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