Guide to putting pattern pieces together

It is not always possible to print the whole of each pattern piece on one piece of A4.  To get round this we split the affected pattern pieces in several smaller pieces, for you to stick together like a jigsaw.  As a result we have been asked to provide some guidance to putting pattern pieces together, so here we are, if you are left confused please let us know and we will try and produce something clearer 🙂

These instructions refer to our pattern for making a large owl, but the principle is the same regardless of which pattern you are using.

To create your pattern pieces you need to print off all the pieces, DO NOT CUT THEM OUT YET.  First arrange the pieces in the correct order, for this pattern, the top of the owl’s body, the top row of is made up of pieces A and B, and the bottom row pieces C and D.

pattern pieces 001

Now cut the outside edge of each of the pattern pieces, as shown below. 


Next line up the pattern pieces, along the dotted lines, taking care to make sure that the pieces are line up on all relevant sides, and tape or glue into place.


Your pattern piece is now ready to go!  In the case of the large owl, repeat these steps with the two pieces provided for the wing: Cut the outside edges of the 2 pattern pieces, overlap the internal edges (matching up the dotted lines), and stick or glue together.

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