Owls big and small – free pattern to download

Have you noticed that owls seem to be everywhere this year, apparently county house and in particular owls are a big trend for this autumn/winter, so we couldn’t resist making our own.

animals 019

Finished sizes
large: approx. 22” wide x 19” tall
small: approx. 13” wide x 10” tall

Scroll down for instructions , or scoot down to the end of the article for printer friendly versions, links to templates and links to in store kits for making both sizes of owl.


12” x 8“ (30 x 20cm) for the front top (face) section
7” x 9“ (17 x 23cm) for the front bottom (body) section
13” x 6.5“ (32 x 15cm) for wings
3.5” x 7“ (8.5 x 17cm) for eyes
3“ square (8 x 7cm) for nose
3.75” x 12“ (9 x 28cm) for feet
11” x14”w (28 x 35cm) for the back

13” x 19”w (34 x 33cm) for the front top (face) section
15” x 11“ (39 x 28cm) for the front bottom (body) section
14” x 14.5“ (32 x 36cm) for wings
5.5” x 11“ (13 x 26cm) for eyes
4.5” x 5“ (12 x 11cm) for nose
6” x 17“ (15.5 x 44cm) for feet
24 x 19“ (58 x 33cm) for the back


 To make your pattern start by cutting out the bottom half of the body, eyes, nose and feet pattern pieces.

Now you need to make the pattern pieces for the wings and top of the body, if you are used to making up pattern pieces follow the instructions on the pattern, if you are new or find our instructions confusing  then click here to view our guide to making pattern pieces.

Cut fabric as directed on the pattern pieces.patternpieces

Sew the wings onto the body piece.  First line u

p the edge of the wing with the top of the body edge where the circle shows in the image.




Now Pin the two fabrics together on the outside edge.pinwing

Sew the outside edge.




Next snip the fabric along the curve (taking care not to cut in to your sewn line!).  Snipping the fabrics will help the fabrics to lay flat when you iron then.





Iron the seam so the two fabrics are flat, you can see the snips in the fabric clearly in this image.




bodyfinishedRepeat this process on the otherside of the body (for the second wing).





Fold the face fabric and body fabric in h

alf vertically, and iron creases along the folds.







Now place the two fabrics together, right sides together, with the creases you have made in line with each other.  Pin the two fabrics together, so that the raw edges are lined up, just like with the wings the fabrics won’t lay flat until you sew into place, clip and iron.


Open out the fabric and iron the join flat.

owl front


  1.  Next you need to attach the eyes and nose, you can do this by…

a)   ironing the pieces onto double sided fabric adhesive, such as heat n bond, and then cutting round the shapes, peeling the adhesive protective sheet off and ironing into place on the face
b)     or by pinning into place and using a blanket or zig zag stitch around the edge.(The second image shows how to line up the fabric edge with the middle of your sewing machine foot to get the zig zag stitch to overlap the two fabrics).

eyes1  eyes2 applique

  1. Now for the feet, take two pieces of feet fabric (right sides facing) and sew the toe edge and both sides, but not the edge which will join to the body.  Repeat for the second foot.
  2. Turn the feet out so the right sides of the fabric are showing and lightly stuff, then pin closed and finish with a zig zag stitch across the opening.
  3. Pin the feet to the main owl fabric, so that the feet are facing up the owl’s  body and sew into place.
  4. You have now finished the front of the cushion, pin the fabric to the fabric you have selected for the back, right sides facing.
    animals 011
  5. Sew fabrics together from the end of one wing to the end of the other, leaving an opening across the bottom, where the feet are.
  6. Trim the fabri, snipping where the curves are large or there are sharp turns, and then turn the case in the right way and iron flat.
  7. Stuff your cushion and then hand sew the opening by the feet (click here for a video clip showing how to do this.)
  8. Finish off by sewing buttons onto the eyes.

To download printer friendly instructions click here

To download templates for the small version click here

To download templates for the large version click here

To buy all you need in a kit to make either version click here.


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