Daisy the Cow – Free Pattern

(finished size approx. 18” wide x 16” tall)


20” x 11“ (50 x 28cm) for the front top (face) section 2“ x 4” (5 x 10cm) for the nostrils 13” x 8“ (32 x 20cm) for front bottom (nose) section 4” x 7“ (9 x 16cm) for eyes 20” x 17“ (50 x 44cm) for the back 3” x 6“ (7.5 x 15cm) for horns


  1. Make your pattern by cutting the pieces and sticking together as directed on the pattern.
  2. Cut fabric as directed on the pattern pieces.
  3. Fold the face and nose fabrics in half vertically, and iron creases along the fold.
    animals 003
    Now place the two fabrics together, right sides together, so that the creases are lined up (see the image to the right, of our owl pattern which uses the same technique).  Now pin the 2 fabrics together, working out from the middle, and pinning them together to get the raw edges in line with each other, the fabrics won’t sit neatly together/flat, don’t panic you haven’t made a mistake, sew the seam, turn the right way and iron the join flat.
  4. Next attach the horns, pin each horn on to the main fabric, right sides facing, and sew together.
  5. Next you need to attach the nostrils and eyes, you can do this by… a)     ironing the pieces onto double sided fabric adhesive, such as heat n bond, and then cutting round the shapes, peeling the adhesive protective sheet off and ironing into place on the face b)     or by pinning into place and using a blanket or zig zag stitch around the edge.
  6. Place the finished face, right sides facing, onto the backing fabric and pin together.
  7. Sew a seam around the pillow, remembering to leave a gap of a few inches (we did this on the face just under the ear), for turning out and stuffing.
  8. Once sewn cut around the pillow shape.
  9. Turn the pillow out and iron flat.
  10. Stuff the pillow, we recommend starting with the horns and ears, when happy with the feel of the pillow sew the gap up.
  11. Finish off by sewing buttons onto the eyes.


To download the instructions click here

To download the templates click here

What we used: Riley Blake Little Red Riding Hood mushrooms on pink and white, flowers on white and Riley Blake Ladybug Flowers on Pink.  Buttons from Fancy Pants.

Click here for this pattern, with these fabrics, buttons and stuffing, as a kit.

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