Racing Snail Pattern

Any parent who has been to the cinema recently will have heard of Turbo, Disney’s new racing snail.  Inspired by Turbo we have created our own racing snail pattern, which you can whip up in an evening!

We used Riley Blake Hooty Returns fabric for the orange dots, Superstar fabric for the shell, Robert Kaufman Pimatex red polka dot fabric for the number, mouth and back side of the cushion, and buttons from Fancy Pants for the eyes, all available from our store.

To buy everything you need as a kit click on the image below!

 (finished size approx. 13” wide x 11” tall)


If your fabrics have a definite right and wrong direction you may need larger pieces.

20” x 11” (49 x 28cm) for the body section x2
11” x 11” (28 x 28cm) for the shell section x2
3” x 2.5” (8 x 6cm) for mouth
2” x 4“ (5 x 10cm) for eyes
4.25” x 3“ (10 x 8cm) for racing number


  1. Make your pattern by cutting the pieces and sticking together as directed on the pattern. Click here to download pattern.
  2. Cut fabric as directed on the pattern pieces.
  3. Sew the body section onto the shell piece by lining up the two pieces (right sides facing) at the points shown on the pattern pieces and then pinning the two pieces of fabric together so that the raw edges are next to each other.  Don’t panic, the fabrics won’t sit neatly together and fabrics won’t lay flat until you sew into place and turn the right way, take a deep breath and sew the fabrics together.
  4. Open out the fabric and iron the join flat.
  5. Next you need to attach the racing number, eyes and mouth, you can do this by…

    a)     ironing the pieces onto double sided fabric adhesive, such as heat n bond, cutting round the shapes, peeling the adhesive protective sheet off and ironing into place on the fabric.

    b)     or by pinning into place and using a blanket or zig zag stitch around the edge.

  6. You have now finished the front of the cushion, pin to the fabric you have selected for the back, right sides facing.
  7. Sew the fabrics together, leaving an opening on the inside edge of the shell (the edge closest to the face) for stuffing.
  8. Trim the fabric and then turn the pillow in the right way and iron flat.
  9. snalspiralNow mark out the shell’s spiral.  When deciding how to make the spiral, bear in mind that you will need to get the stuffing into the channels you create, so there needs to be a clear and wide enough opening and the channel must stay open right into the middle.  We opted for a simple spiral, see image to the right where we have highlighted the spiral in yellow.
  10. When you are happy with your spiral sew into place using a regular sewing stitch.
  11. Stuff your cushion and then hand sew the opening.
  12. Finish off by sewing buttons onto the eyes.

Want to download a printer friendly version?  Click here.

Don’t forget you will also need the templates – click here for those!

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