Baby Cuddle Blanket with Crochet Edging Free Pattern

Baby Cuddle Blanket with Crochet Edging – Designed and made by Ali Bower


This is a very easy cuddle blanket to make and can use any small pieces of fabric that you may have.  I used lovely Riley Blake car and transport fabric and backed it with soft fleece.

You will need:

  • Fleece fabric for backing – at least 18” square
  • Variety of fabric pieces for front of
  • Perle cotton and general sewing thread
  • Double knitting wool in 2 colours (optional)
  • Crochet hook – size 4 (optional)
  • Sewing Machine

The finished size of my blanket is about 18” square.  I used a quarter of an inch seam allowance.


Cut the focus fabric 12” x 9.5

For the sides, cut 2 pieces of fabric 12” x 4” – sew together either sides of the focus fabric.

Add borders to the top and bottom ( I used rectangles 5 x 3)

Press and trim your finished piece. Measure and trim your fleece backing to match

Sew your patchwork top and your fleece backing – RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER leaving a gap on one of the sides – roughly the size of your hand.

Cut a small piece off each corner – this gives you a sharper edge when turning inside out.

cuddleblanket4Turn inside out and hand sew up the gap.

Optional Crochet Edging

Now sew around the blanket with a quarter of an inch seam.  This will give you a good guide for your blanket stitch.  If you are crocheting around the blanket you need to sew a blanket stitch all around to be able to attach the wool. I used the machine stitched seam around the blanket as a guide and spaced the stitches out by roughly the size of my thumb. Use a thicker thread for this blanket stitch – I used a perle cotton.


Join some wool to one of your stitches and double crochet around the blanket.  I used yellow double kitting wool and a size 4 crochet hook.  I crocheted 4 doubles into each blanket stitch space and an extra stitch into each corner.

Do 2 rows of double crochet, then change colour and do one row of treble crochet around the blanket, making sure you do an extra stitch into the corners.  To make it more secure you could stitch the crochet edging with a very fine thread to the blanket.

If you’ve never crocheted an edging on fabric – have a look at this great tutorial:


 A bit about the author…

 cuddleblanket8 My  name is Ali and I’m a stay at home mum who enjoys baking and reading.  I love all crafts especially patchwork,   quilting, knitting and crochet.  My   latest passion is combining fabric with wool making patchwork throws with   crochet edgings.You can see some of my projects on my Pinterest board





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