Virtual Design Team is Go!

Last year we put the call out for enthusiastic sewers who would be interested in joining our online design team.  The idea being that we will send parcels of fabric to members, approx. 1 a month for 6 months, at no cost.  In return the members undertake to make a minimum of 3 items with the fabric over the 6 month period, sending us pictures and where possible instructions for making the items.  We will share their work with you all via the blog where you can all comment on the projects and use of fabric.  As well as showing off their makes (and our fabrics) we will link to their own facebook pages/etsy stores and websites as we encourage all of you to stand proud next to your work and shout about it to the world!

The response was overwhelming with over 65 applications to join the team and so we worked hard to pick a selection of different sewers and we are pleased to announce the first parcels have been sent out and we are looking at setting up a second group to run alongside this one with different fabrics- no need to reapply.

We have tasked the members to write a paragraph about themselves to introduce them to you all and hope to bring their profiles to you really soon.  In the meantime you can take a peak at the conents of their first parcel below…

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