Christmas Stocking Bunting

I have been working on the pattern for many months, trying the get the right foot shape has been a major challenge, but we are happy with the final result, a traditionally shaped stocking.

Insert ribbon into the seam on the stocking top to create a stocking to put on the tree, applique numbers on the stockings for a fabulous advent calender, or attach to ribbon to create stuffable bunting.

Requirements per stocking:
1 piece measuring 16” wide x 6” long in the main fabric. PLUS 2 pieces measuring 4” square for the tops, and 1 x 6” x 4.5” wide piece for the toes and ankles.

NOTE: f your pattern runs down the bolt the first piece should be 6.5” long x 13.5”.

Instructions (click here for printer friendly instructions):

1. Cut the pattern pieces attached, plus two pieces measuring 4” square for the stocking tops.

2. Sew the pieces together in the order shown in the images, ankle to leg, foot to sewn sections, toes to sewn section, we used 1/4” seams.

3. Iron and place on the table right side up.  Place the one piece stocking on top, wrong side facing.  Look at where the joins are  and move around until you are happy with the size of  the toes and ankle sections (remember 1/4” will be lost when sewn).

4. Mark the top edge of the stocking and then trim the top edge of the bottom piece.

5. Next Iron the stocking tops in half, then open out and iron the outside edges into the middle crease, making mini pieces of bias tape (see image above).

6. Open one side of the tape and iron in half lengthways.  This crease is you sew line.

7. Pin the tape to the reverse side of the stocking piece, with the reserve side showing (see image) and sew in place.  Repeat with the other stocking piece.

8. Pin the stocking pieces together, with right sides together.  Sew from just under the stocking top, all the way round to the start of the stocking top on the other side.

9. Trim and turn out.

10. Unfold the stocking tops and sew a line down each side as sewn in the image above.

11. Trim and fold over using the bias creases, you will end up with a 1/4” of the stocking top on the inside of the stocking and the rest on the outside.

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