Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Because this is quilted it has a really luxurious feel.

Requirements (click here for printer friendly instructions):

8 pieces of fabric, 22” wide x 16” deep.
48” square of batting
48” square of lining/backing fabric
6.25 yards bias tape
4 yards of ribbon or extra bias tape for ties.


Make a template using a square of paper or newspaper at least 22” square.  Tie pencils or pens to each end of a piece of string, with the length of string between the pens approx. 22”.  Place one pen in the corner of your square of paper, this pen won’t move.  The pull the string taught and use the pen to draw an arc from one side of the square to the other.

Cut the shape out and then fold in half, cut along the crease, you will now have an 1/8th of a circle.

Pin 8 pieces of fabric together, trace your template onto the top piece and then cut.  You will now have 8 circle segments.

Sew the segments together using a 1/4” seam, leaving one edge unsewn, or just basted, this edge will be where the ribbon ties end up.

Place the lining fabric, right side down, with the batting on top, followed by the circle you have just sewn.

You are going to sew along the join lines (in the ditch), so pin the fabrics together along the seams and sew together (TIP:  after you have sewn each segment, place the fabrics back on floor/table and smooth out before pinning the next section). DON’T FORGET TO NOT QUILT THE EDGE WHERE THE RIBBONS WILL BE.

Trim the circle edge.

Place a small plate in the centre of the skirt, trace and cut the circle out.

Sew the internal circle and external circle edges (basting or large stitches are fine).

If you have basted the ribbon edge then release this now.

Attach bias tape to all side.

Pin ribbons on both sides of the split, if you are using a ribbon with a pattern on one side, pin them so the you see the back of the ribbon poking out of the skirt, otherwise the pattern won’t show in the bow.

Sew into place.

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