Merry Christmas Cushees

Great make for a cuddly Christmas, you could attach ribbons to the ends and hang on a wall.

Fabric off cuts for 14 letters, 9” x 6.5” is the size needed for the M as an example.  You need two pieces for each letter, although they don’t need to match, and can be made up of off cuts sewn together (see the r in Christmas where we did this).
Toy Filler
Template – click here: merrychristmas

Fabrics used in image: Blend Tinsel Collection, Riley Blake’s Santa’s Workshop Collection, In the Beginning Christmas Snowmen.


1. Print the letter templates.  For each letter take two pieces of fabrics which are at least as large as the template.

2. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and trace the template on to the top piece.

3. Sew the two pieces together (we used a 1/4” seam, for smaller letters use a large seam on outside edges), remembering to leave a gap to turn the shape the right way in.

4. Trim the shape and turn the shape the right way, pushing all curves and points out.

5. Fill with toy filler and sew the opening closed.

6. Place the shapes in the right order and sew together where they touch, trying to join in two places where possible to give a robust join.

NOTE: For the E and A shapes sew using the solid line as your guide as above.  Once you have finished sewing you will need to:

1. Sew additional lines where the dashed lines are shown, and the cut between them.

2. Cut out the centre before turning in.






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