Christmas Tree Cushion Make

Fun make for the fireplace or sofa!


Fabric for Tree—2x 12” squares (we used Tinsel fabric from Blend)
Fabric for trunk—2 x 3” squares (we used coffee from Kona)
Fabric for star— 2 x 6” squares (we used banana from Kona)
Buttons to decorate (we used Fancy Pants St Nick Collection)
Template click here: treecushion



1. Fold the 12” squares in half vertically, place the Fold Line of the tree pattern along the crease and trace the pattern.  For the other pieces trace the shape onto unfolded fabric and cut.  You should have 2x star, 2x trunk, 2x tree.

2. Sew the trunks to the bottom of the trees (right sides facing) and press the seams open.

3. Sew you completed tree shapes together (right sides facing), leaving a gap of a few
inches to turn your cushion out.

4. Turn the fabric right side, taking care to push out the points.

5. Stuff and sew the opening.

6. Sew on the buttons or ribbon trim to make the tree look decorated—pom poms could be used for lights or tinsel.

7. Sew the star shapes together (right sides together), again leaving a gap to turn the star the right way.  Turn the fabric the right way and stuff, sew up the opening and then stitch in place on the top of the tree.

TOP TIP:  When sewing the star, draw the shape on reverse of one piece of fabric and place ontop of the second piece, right sides facing.  Sew the shape and then trim – it is easier than cutting both pieces when so small and trying to work around pins.





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