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Riley Blake’s Santa Express now in stock!

15% off ALL Christmas Fabrics until midnight Tuesday

1st September 2015 – discount code: EARLY

All aboard the Santa Express – a non-stop ride to a wintery wonderland of holiday delight by Doodlebug Design!

Join Santa and his friends in a collection so festive you’ll be giddy with creativity and delight. In classic Christmas shades and cheery winter icons these fabrics are perfect for crafting a unique gift or creating some seasonal home decor. So pack up some treats and grab a friend, cuz Santa Expressis comin’ round the bend!

To get 15% off – enter discount code EARLY in your basket (space to type in the code is in the bottom right corner at the checkout).

santa express square

Click here to view our range of free Christmas sewing patterns, with templates and full tutorials!

Prints to Polka Dots Buying Guide

cutting guide image
Helping you buy just what you need!

We offer a wide range of cuts at Prints to Polka Dots, giving you greater choice, the ability to buy just what you need, and the opportunity to have your fabrics arrive pre-cut into a range of popular shapes and sizes, saving you hours of cutting!

Using this service you can make your own Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Charm and quilt packs.
Whilst we believe this range of cuts enhances your shopping experience it can be bewildering when you first make an order, so we have produced this handy guide to help you work out which cuts best suit your needs.

You can order…

  • Cut from the bolt
  • Fat Quarters
  • Strips
  • Squares
  • Rectangles
  • Hexagons
  • Small Triangles
  • Bunting Triangles
  • Apple Cores
  • Tumblers
  • Applique
  • Samples

Fabric Cut From the Bolt

If you would like to order fabric cut straight from the bolt, select ‘I will tell you the length’ from the on-line options on your chosen fabric pages.

You can then choose to order in 25cm or 9″ increments (9″ is equal to approx 22.5cm) For every x1 you add to you order we will increase the overall length of your piece of fabric by 25cm or 9″.

The width of the fabric is written in its description.


If you order x1 – you will get 1 piece 25cm long if you order in cm, or 9″ long if you order in inches x the width of the fabric.

If you order x 2 – you will get 1 piece 50cm long if you order in cm or 18″ long if you order in inches x the width of the fabric.

If you order x3 – you will get 1 piece 75cm long if you order in cm or 27″ long if you order in inches x the width of the fabric.

If you order x4 – you will get 1 piece 100cm long if you order in cm or 36″ (1 yard) long if you order in inches x the width of the fabric.

Fat Quarters

Fat quarters are half the width of regularly cut quarter mtrs or yards, and twice as long (almost square – see the second image below).

fat quarter illustration drawing
You can order fat quarters in cms (50cm long x 55cm wide) or in inches (18″ x 22″ wide (approx 45cm x 55cm)). The more you order the more pieces you get, if you want one long continuous piece of fabric see the option above this one, for ordering off the bolt.

Pre-cut Strips

You can also buy almost all our fabric cut into 5cm (2″), 6.3cm (2,5″), 10cm (4″), or 15cm (6″) long strips (each strip is the full width of the fabric you have chosen, the width of each fabric is included in its description).

Die cut for accuracy they arrive ready to use, design your own jelly roll with your favourite fabrics, or buy just enough to bind your quilt or craft project – the more you buy the cheaper they get!

Planning on making bias tape? Check out our range of bias tape makers.

Pre-cut Squares

Buy pieces of fabric close to the size of your pattern pieces, reducing waste and saving you money, or build your own quilt pattern – we will cut the squares accurately with our specialist dies, and send them to you ready to sew!

Select ‘squares’ from the options available on the individual fabric pages, then choose your square and pack size – the more you order, the cheaper they get – great for making your own charm packs and layer cakes!

Squares can be ordered in the following sizes:

  • 6.3cm (2.5″)
  • 8.8cm (3.5″)
  • 12.7cm (5″)
    Unlike our other squares these ones are pinked, this means the edges are cut in a zig zag pattern, if you sew with at least a 6mm (1/4″) seam allowance the edges are all hidden. The pinking stops the squares from fraying and also makes lining up pieces a breeze.
  • 16.5cm (6.5″)
  • 21.5cm (8.5″)
  • 25cm (10″)

​Fancy cutting your squares at home? You can also buy plastic or cardboard templates for all but the 5″ square sizes – coming soon!

Pre-cut Rectangles

Cut using our specialist die, cutting accurate shapes time after time.

We currently offer one rectangle size, 17cm x 9cm (6.5” x 3.5”). The more you buy the cheaper they get!

Also available in template plastic or cardboard if you would prefer to cut your rectangles at home – coming soon!

Pre-cut Hexagons

Love the finished look of hexagons, but don’t like the idea of cutting all those shapes out? We have the perfect solution!

hexagons image

We offer hexagons in 3 sizes, just pick your fabrics, select the size of hexagon and pack size you require from the list of options and we will do the rest.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 5cm (2″)
  • 7.6cm (3″)
  • 12.7cm (5″)

Also available in template plastic or kraft card, for those of you who would prefer to cut at home, or in lightweight paper for paper piecing – coming soon!

​Small Triangles

These nifty half square triangles make 5″ squares when sewn in pairs. Combine them with other shapes to create a wide range of traditional and modern quilting designs.


Each triangle comes pre-notched (with the point of each corner cut off) to eliminate the need to cut off dog ears, and to help lining up for sewing.

Available in a wide range of pack sizes, find the fabric you want and select triangles from the list of options, the more you buy the cheaper they get.

Also available in template plastic or kraft card for those of you who would prefer to cut your own shapes at home – coming soon!

Download our easy peasy quilt pattern for detailed instructions on sewing with these triangles.

Bunting Triangles

We love bunting at Prints to Polka Dots and stock everything you need to make your own, you can buy a template made out of durable plastic or kraft card to cut your fabric at home, or let us do all the work and buy your triangles ready cut.

bunting triangle

If you would like us to cut your triangles for you, choose your fabrics, and select bunting triangles from the available options. Bear in mind that if the fabric you have chosen has a particular direction (so the design/pattern stops us cutting triangles upside down), the triangles will be more expensive (as there is more wastage). If you want to make your money go far, special offer fabrics and Kona solid colours offer the best value for money – and the more you buy the cheaper the triangles get!

Each triangle is 22.8cm (9″) high x 19.05cm (7.5″) wide.

Visit our bunting department for kits, pinking shears, bags, specialist bunting tape, and our ‘how to’ guide.

​Apple Cores

Take your projects to the next level with this great quilting shape, use in small and large quilts, sew into panels to use in the making of bags, table runners, floor cushions and more!

Each apple core is 14cm x 18cm (5 3/8th x 7 1/16th) and has notches built into each side to aid lining up.


You can buy apple cores:

  • ready cut in your favourite fabrics, click on the fabrics you want to use and select Apple Cores from the list of options – the more you buy the cheaper they get!
  • as a template cut from plastic or card – coming soon!
  • cut from thin sheets of paper for paper piecing – coming soon!


These funky little tumblers are great, with the corners cut off to make lining up and sewing together a breeze. They look great in a quilt, or used as a panel in other projects, such as table runners, cushions and bags – a really fab way to show off a whole fabric collection and add interest to your projects.

Each tumbler is approx. 9.2cm x 8.9cm (3 5/8″ x 3 1/2″).tumblers banner

You can buy tumblers:

  • ready cut in your favourite fabrics, click on the fabrics you want to use and select Tumblers from the list of options – the more you buy the cheaper they get!
  • as a template cut from plastic or card – coming soon!
  • cut from thin sheets of paper for paper piecing – coming soon!


We offer free samples of our fabrics and trims wherever practicable, if we are able to offer a sample the option will appear on the item’s page, in the buying options for that item, we don’t charge for samples but do charge for postage, this is to keep the costs down for all customers, if you are ordering samples with other items you will only be charged extra postage if the weight of your order tips over into the next postage bracket. You are restricted to 5 samples per order.

We hope you have found this guide useful, if you are left with questions please do not hesitate to contact us, and if there are other cuts you would find useful please let us know!

Ready Reckoner – See Our Cuts and Packs Sizes at a Glance!

Shape Pack Sizes Available
2” (5cm) strips x width of fabric 1,2,4
2.5” (6.3cm) strips x width of fabric 1,2,4
4” (10cm) strips x width of fabric 1,2,4
6” (15cm) strips x width of fabric 1,2,4
2.5” (6.3cm) squares 6,12,24
3.5” (8.8cm) squares 2,6,12
5” (12.7cm) pinked squares 1,4,12
6.5” (16.5cm) squares 1,4,12
8.5” (21.5cm) squares 1,4,12
10” (25cm) squares 1,4,12
17cm x 9cm (6.5” x 3.5cm) rectangles 1,4,12
2” (5cm) hexagons 6,12,24
3” (7.6cm) hexagons 3,6,12
5” (12.7cm) hexagons 1,6,12
Small half square triangles 2,4,8,24
Bunting Triangles 1,3,5,9
Apple Cores 1,6,12
Tumblers 1,6,12,18

Shapes available cut from fabric or as templates, cut from plastic or Kraft card.

A great range of applique shapes also available at

Click here to download a copy of the guide.

Dashwood Studio’s Nature Trail Fabric Collection

Bethan Janine has done it again with this beautiful, whimsical, nature inspired fabric collection for Dashwood Studio. Nature Trail features hedgerow and woodland animals, including bunnies, butterflies and hedgehogs, amongst a flurry of flora and fauna.



The collection also includes a double border print, perfect for a range of projects, including beautiful little girl dresses 🙂



Useful links…..

Visit Bethan’s blog by clicking here.

View Cuckoo’s Calling (Bethan’s last fabric collection) here.

View our inspiring gallery of makes using Dashwood Studio fabrics by clicking here.