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Everything you ever wanted to know about bunting (and more!)

making your own bunting
Have you seen our new, more comprehensive, guide to making your own bunting?  We cover:

  • Which fabrics to use
  • Which tape to use
  • Making a bunting template
  • How to make your bunting triangles – single sided, hemmed, bound with bias tape and double sided – tutorials for them all!
  • Working out how much tape to buy
  • Working out how many triangles you need and how much fabric to buy
  • Sewing it all together!

A truly comprehensive bunting tutorial!

We hope you find it useful, any questions please do ask,

Kids screaming for you to put the sewing down and play with them?

If you within and hour or so (we are and hour and half away) from Epsom, we strongly recommend a visit to Hobbledown.

Its got animals, a magical theme and wonderful indoor and outdoor play areas, we took a group with children aged 7 to 11 and including someone with special needs and spent 7 happy hours there – we only left because they were closing!

It has a really calm, uncomercialised, safe and friendly feel to the place, and even though we are quite along way away, we will be back in the summer, you spend as long there are at a theme park but in a really calm atmosphere, where the parents can gossip while the children play, and without the theme park prices!

Food is wonderful too, they have put a lot of thought in to the menu and so it has an alternative to fast food and dried out sandwiches, but they haven’t been too evangelical about it, they still offer cakes, fries and fizzy pop – special mention for the mac n cheese, i took a picnic but didn’t eat it as the pull of the pasta was too great!

hobbledown fun


Michael Miller in the Spot Light!

We love these two fabrics from Michael Miller, designed by Tamara Kate (visit her blog here).   Oasis border drapes beautifully, I love it so much i am wondering if I could get away with it in a dress for a 40 something woman!  and pride complements its beautifully, we plan to get more of the collection in store soon and Tamara is definitely a designer to watch!

michael miller oasis pridesquare
You can download the bag pattern for free at

and if like me you have fallen in love with the cute little dress, visit Lily & Giraffe on Facebook, or at

Want to buy these fabrics?  Visit us at Prints to Polka Dots