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Medium and Large Christmas Stocking Patterns

These patterns can be used to make medium (approx 14″) and large (approx 18″) stockings. 

Why not dress up further with applique initals on the stocking top or leg, or iron on applique snowflakes and trees from the range available in store.

Click here for large stocking template and instructions

Click here for medium stocking template and instructions

  Medium Jumbo
Main Stocking fabric 22” wide x 16” long (if no pattern direction 14” x 22”) 30” wide x 19” long
Ankle and toes fabric  7.5″ x 8.5″ 12” square
Stocking top fabric (you need x2) 7.5” wide x 6” long 10.5” wide x 6” long
Lining option 2 (iron on medium interfacing) 11” wide x 16” long x2 15” wide x 19” long x2
Lining option 3 (fabric—we used curtain lining) 11” wide x 16” long x2 15” wide x 19” long x2
Optional—pompoms to trim the stocking tops 14” 22”
Optional—ribbon to create a hanging loop. 6” 6”




Mini Merry Christmas Cushees

Following the publishing of the large Merry Christmas Cushees we have decided to add a mini version.  This size would be better than the large version for a door hanging, although you still need to hang it on 2 hooks as on one hook it falls forward.

Apart from changing the size of the letters the S is sewn differently to get round the problem of small holes to stuff!

Click here to view the mini cushees instructions.

Christmas Stocking Bunting

I have been working on the pattern for many months, trying the get the right foot shape has been a major challenge, but we are happy with the final result, a traditionally shaped stocking.

Insert ribbon into the seam on the stocking top to create a stocking to put on the tree, applique numbers on the stockings for a fabulous advent calender, or attach to ribbon to create stuffable bunting.

Requirements per stocking:
1 piece measuring 16” wide x 6” long in the main fabric. PLUS 2 pieces measuring 4” square for the tops, and 1 x 6” x 4.5” wide piece for the toes and ankles.

NOTE: f your pattern runs down the bolt the first piece should be 6.5” long x 13.5”.

Instructions (click here for printer friendly instructions):

1. Cut the pattern pieces attached, plus two pieces measuring 4” square for the stocking tops.

2. Sew the pieces together in the order shown in the images, ankle to leg, foot to sewn sections, toes to sewn section, we used 1/4” seams.

3. Iron and place on the table right side up.  Place the one piece stocking on top, wrong side facing.  Look at where the joins are  and move around until you are happy with the size of  the toes and ankle sections (remember 1/4” will be lost when sewn).

4. Mark the top edge of the stocking and then trim the top edge of the bottom piece.

5. Next Iron the stocking tops in half, then open out and iron the outside edges into the middle crease, making mini pieces of bias tape (see image above).

6. Open one side of the tape and iron in half lengthways.  This crease is you sew line.

7. Pin the tape to the reverse side of the stocking piece, with the reserve side showing (see image) and sew in place.  Repeat with the other stocking piece.

8. Pin the stocking pieces together, with right sides together.  Sew from just under the stocking top, all the way round to the start of the stocking top on the other side.

9. Trim and turn out.

10. Unfold the stocking tops and sew a line down each side as sewn in the image above.

11. Trim and fold over using the bias creases, you will end up with a 1/4” of the stocking top on the inside of the stocking and the rest on the outside.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Because this is quilted it has a really luxurious feel.

Requirements (click here for printer friendly instructions):

8 pieces of fabric, 22” wide x 16” deep.
48” square of batting
48” square of lining/backing fabric
6.25 yards bias tape
4 yards of ribbon or extra bias tape for ties.


Make a template using a square of paper or newspaper at least 22” square.  Tie pencils or pens to each end of a piece of string, with the length of string between the pens approx. 22”.  Place one pen in the corner of your square of paper, this pen won’t move.  The pull the string taught and use the pen to draw an arc from one side of the square to the other.

Cut the shape out and then fold in half, cut along the crease, you will now have an 1/8th of a circle.

Pin 8 pieces of fabric together, trace your template onto the top piece and then cut.  You will now have 8 circle segments.

Sew the segments together using a 1/4” seam, leaving one edge unsewn, or just basted, this edge will be where the ribbon ties end up.

Place the lining fabric, right side down, with the batting on top, followed by the circle you have just sewn.

You are going to sew along the join lines (in the ditch), so pin the fabrics together along the seams and sew together (TIP:  after you have sewn each segment, place the fabrics back on floor/table and smooth out before pinning the next section). DON’T FORGET TO NOT QUILT THE EDGE WHERE THE RIBBONS WILL BE.

Trim the circle edge.

Place a small plate in the centre of the skirt, trace and cut the circle out.

Sew the internal circle and external circle edges (basting or large stitches are fine).

If you have basted the ribbon edge then release this now.

Attach bias tape to all side.

Pin ribbons on both sides of the split, if you are using a ribbon with a pattern on one side, pin them so the you see the back of the ribbon poking out of the skirt, otherwise the pattern won’t show in the bow.

Sew into place.

Christmas Decorations Tree Cone

This is a really fun make that you can do in an evening.  Make a whole batch for the craft fairs or Christmas Tree!

Requirements (the picture shows the large version):
For Small:
2x 6.5” squares  (1 for outside fabric, one for interior fabric)
1x 6.5” square of interfacing, we used Heat n Bond Heavy Weight
10” Bias tape, we used our ready made lace edge tape.
For Large:
2 x 8” squares (1 for outside fabric, one for interior fabric)
1 x 8” square of interfacing, we used Heat n Bond Heavy Weight
12” Bias tape
9” Ribbon
2x buttons for decoration (optional)
Downloadable template,Click here.

1. Cut the fabric and interfacing using the template.

2. Iron interfacing onto the reverse of the external fabric.

3. Fold each the shapes in half (right sides together) and sew a seam along the straight edge.

4. Turn the external fabric cone out.  You should now have an external cone with the seam inside, and the internal cone with the seam on the outside.  Insert one into the other.

5. Trim the excess along the opening and then sew bias tape around the top.

6. Squash the cone flat and pin the ribbon on the outside edge on each side.

7. Sew into place with buttons on top to decorate.

8. Fill with goodies and hang on your tree.

We used Doodbug Ribbon, Fancy Pants St Nick buttons, Lacey Edge Bias Tape, Heat n Bond heavy weight interfacing, In the Beginning Christmas fabric and Riley Blake Santa’s Workshop fabric.


Merry Christmas Cushees

Great make for a cuddly Christmas, you could attach ribbons to the ends and hang on a wall.

Fabric off cuts for 14 letters, 9” x 6.5” is the size needed for the M as an example.  You need two pieces for each letter, although they don’t need to match, and can be made up of off cuts sewn together (see the r in Christmas where we did this).
Toy Filler
Template – click here: merrychristmas

Fabrics used in image: Blend Tinsel Collection, Riley Blake’s Santa’s Workshop Collection, In the Beginning Christmas Snowmen.


1. Print the letter templates.  For each letter take two pieces of fabrics which are at least as large as the template.

2. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and trace the template on to the top piece.

3. Sew the two pieces together (we used a 1/4” seam, for smaller letters use a large seam on outside edges), remembering to leave a gap to turn the shape the right way in.

4. Trim the shape and turn the shape the right way, pushing all curves and points out.

5. Fill with toy filler and sew the opening closed.

6. Place the shapes in the right order and sew together where they touch, trying to join in two places where possible to give a robust join.

NOTE: For the E and A shapes sew using the solid line as your guide as above.  Once you have finished sewing you will need to:

1. Sew additional lines where the dashed lines are shown, and the cut between them.

2. Cut out the centre before turning in.






Christmas Tree Cushion Make

Fun make for the fireplace or sofa!


Fabric for Tree—2x 12” squares (we used Tinsel fabric from Blend)
Fabric for trunk—2 x 3” squares (we used coffee from Kona)
Fabric for star— 2 x 6” squares (we used banana from Kona)
Buttons to decorate (we used Fancy Pants St Nick Collection)
Template click here: treecushion



1. Fold the 12” squares in half vertically, place the Fold Line of the tree pattern along the crease and trace the pattern.  For the other pieces trace the shape onto unfolded fabric and cut.  You should have 2x star, 2x trunk, 2x tree.

2. Sew the trunks to the bottom of the trees (right sides facing) and press the seams open.

3. Sew you completed tree shapes together (right sides facing), leaving a gap of a few
inches to turn your cushion out.

4. Turn the fabric right side, taking care to push out the points.

5. Stuff and sew the opening.

6. Sew on the buttons or ribbon trim to make the tree look decorated—pom poms could be used for lights or tinsel.

7. Sew the star shapes together (right sides together), again leaving a gap to turn the star the right way.  Turn the fabric the right way and stuff, sew up the opening and then stitch in place on the top of the tree.

TOP TIP:  When sewing the star, draw the shape on reverse of one piece of fabric and place ontop of the second piece, right sides facing.  Sew the shape and then trim – it is easier than cutting both pieces when so small and trying to work around pins.