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Debbie From Daisyyard’s 3D Christmas Tree

This is a fabulous make, great for each plate round the Christmas dinner table, you could hang the name of the person who’s plate it is round the tree on a piece of ribbon!

You’ll need

1     19″ x 21″ Fabric square of Christmas fabric from the Riley Blake Christmas Range
1     6” Bunting template
Assorted colours and textures of ribbon or bells
Sewing machine
Thread and tape measure

“The bundle of Riley Blake Christmas fabric from Prints To Polka Dots really lend themselves to this idea. They have a retro look to them.”


I first saw this Idea on the internet and have adapted It on a smaller scale. This works well to make these beautiful 3D Christmas trees.

First decide what size template from the bunting template you wish to use. I have used a 6” one for my tree but larger sizes also work well.

daisy2You can buy ready cut triangles in the fabric of your choice in store, you could mix and match for different looks on each side of the tree – click here – Claire ptpd.

With your right sides of fabric together pin your template onto the fabric and cut out. You need to repeat this so you have 6 pieces of fabric in total that are the same.

daisy3Take each pinned triangle and use pins to mark 2” in along the bottom edge from both edges as shown. This will be the start of your sewing point.

daisy4Sew from the pin along the bottom edge, turning at corners until you come to the other pin along the bottom edge leaving a gap for turning through.

daisy5Before you turn each triangle through make sure you snip each corner close to stitching this will create a crisp finished when turned through making your triangle keep its shape.

daisy6Now you can turn your 3 triangles through from the bottom opening to the right side and press.

daisy7Take your 3 pressed pieces of fabric and lay one on top of the other ensuring the points and bottom edges are in line. Now measure the top triangle finding the middle and pin down this line ready for machining through all layers.

daisy8Carefully machine stitch down this line removing pins as you go.

daisy9You will now be left with segments to stuff from the gap created at the bottom of your triangles.

Make sure you fill each segment to the very tip and fill until you reach the bottom edge which can now be hand stitched to close up each gap.

daisy11You are now left with a 3D Christmas tree which can be embellished to you taste. I’ve used a bow on the top of mine but you could use a bell. Also try making them in different sizes as a Christmas decoration with a difference.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Debbie -Daisysyard


Click here to download a printer friendly version

Click here to view our other Christmas makes.


Design Team Inspiration…

More makes from our virtual design team to share with you….

We start with a great cushion made using part of a Geekly Chic charm pack, designed and made by Amy Brooks.

Amy says “I joined the 12 x 5″ charm squares in a 4 x 3 pattern, taking care to press all the seams. For some extra stability, I used 14″ x 18″ of medium weight fusible interfacing on the whole patchwork back. I used a lime green cotton for the other face of the cushion and finished it all off with a concealed zip on the long side.”


We love this 3D Christmas Tree from Debbie at Daisyyard, full instructions can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here.



Baby Cuddle Blanket with Crochet Edging Free Pattern

Baby Cuddle Blanket with Crochet Edging – Designed and made by Ali Bower


This is a very easy cuddle blanket to make and can use any small pieces of fabric that you may have.  I used lovely Riley Blake car and transport fabric and backed it with soft fleece.

You will need:

  • Fleece fabric for backing – at least 18” square
  • Variety of fabric pieces for front of
  • Perle cotton and general sewing thread
  • Double knitting wool in 2 colours (optional)
  • Crochet hook – size 4 (optional)
  • Sewing Machine

The finished size of my blanket is about 18” square.  I used a quarter of an inch seam allowance.


Cut the focus fabric 12” x 9.5

For the sides, cut 2 pieces of fabric 12” x 4” – sew together either sides of the focus fabric.

Add borders to the top and bottom ( I used rectangles 5 x 3)

Press and trim your finished piece. Measure and trim your fleece backing to match

Sew your patchwork top and your fleece backing – RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER leaving a gap on one of the sides – roughly the size of your hand.

Cut a small piece off each corner – this gives you a sharper edge when turning inside out.

cuddleblanket4Turn inside out and hand sew up the gap.

Optional Crochet Edging

Now sew around the blanket with a quarter of an inch seam.  This will give you a good guide for your blanket stitch.  If you are crocheting around the blanket you need to sew a blanket stitch all around to be able to attach the wool. I used the machine stitched seam around the blanket as a guide and spaced the stitches out by roughly the size of my thumb. Use a thicker thread for this blanket stitch – I used a perle cotton.


Join some wool to one of your stitches and double crochet around the blanket.  I used yellow double kitting wool and a size 4 crochet hook.  I crocheted 4 doubles into each blanket stitch space and an extra stitch into each corner.

Do 2 rows of double crochet, then change colour and do one row of treble crochet around the blanket, making sure you do an extra stitch into the corners.  To make it more secure you could stitch the crochet edging with a very fine thread to the blanket.

If you’ve never crocheted an edging on fabric – have a look at this great tutorial:


 A bit about the author…

 cuddleblanket8 My  name is Ali and I’m a stay at home mum who enjoys baking and reading.  I love all crafts especially patchwork,   quilting, knitting and crochet.  My   latest passion is combining fabric with wool making patchwork throws with   crochet edgings.You can see some of my projects on my Pinterest board





Design Team Competition

Congratulations to Tina who has won our competition, and thankyou everyone who entered and told us about how they choose fabrics, the next set of fabrics has been added to the blog so why not enter our new competition for the chance to win again!

august winner

The second parcel has now been sent to our design team, including fabrics from Riley Blake’s A Merry Little Christmas Collection, our latest space collection – out of this world, Sweetest Thing Collection, Little Red Riding Hood Collection, Geekly Chic Collection.

We have made up an extra pack to offer one of you in our latest competition, some fabrics are fat quarters, some thin quarters and some smaller – like the Geekly Chic charm pack, which includes 1 piece of every print in the collection, in total the prize is worth over £25.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the following question…

When looking for fabrics on the internet, are you usually looking for something for a project you have already picked, or looking for inspiration for a new project?

The winner will be chosen at random at the end of August – good luck!


Baby Tab Blanket Pattern

Debbie from Daisyyard, a member of our Virtual Sewing Team, has made the following fabulous baby tab blanket using Blend’s Circus collection called Bailey.

You’ll need:

1     10″x10″ Fabric square of Circus Print from the Blend Bailey Collection
1      10″x10″ Fabric square of Life In The Jungle from the Riley Blake Range
Assorted colours and textures of ribbon
Sewing machine
Thread and tape measure

Click here to go to the Bailey Collection at Prints to Polka Dots, and here to jump to our ribbons! – Claire at Prints to Polka Dots

My son was given one of these tab blankets as a baby and It was a great comforter for him and me doing my supermarket shopping In Peace!!!

I decided to have a go at making my own version in child Inspiring designs and In various sizes. A welcomed gift for any new mum and baby!!

Firstly measure the size you want your blanket. Mine is 10″ x 10″ square. Cut 2 pieces of fabric this size ideally in different textures.

The next part is a great way to use up all your odd pieces of ribbon. I like to try and match the colour scheme of the fabric being used. Measure each ribbon in 5″ long lengths.


Next you will need to fold each piece of ribbon In half and pin so the raw edges are slightly overlapping the raw edges of one of your fabric squares. Pin In place equal spaces apart around all 4 sides.

Once you have done this sew all ribbon pieces In place using a straight stitch and a small seam allowance.

If you are a keen crafter like me you probably have your own sew in labels to credit your work. It’s at this point you need to stitch your label onto your 2nd piece of fabric.


With your right sides of fabric together pin and sew in place with 1/4″ seam allowance around the edge.

Make sure you leave a gap to turn through. Before turning through I like to trim edges and snip at corners to reduce bulk and give a neater finish. After pressing top stitch to also give a flatter finish.

You should now have a finished tab blanket looking something like this.


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial – how to make a tab blanket

Debbie -Daisysyard













Virtual Design Team is Go!

Last year we put the call out for enthusiastic sewers who would be interested in joining our online design team.  The idea being that we will send parcels of fabric to members, approx. 1 a month for 6 months, at no cost.  In return the members undertake to make a minimum of 3 items with the fabric over the 6 month period, sending us pictures and where possible instructions for making the items.  We will share their work with you all via the blog where you can all comment on the projects and use of fabric.  As well as showing off their makes (and our fabrics) we will link to their own facebook pages/etsy stores and websites as we encourage all of you to stand proud next to your work and shout about it to the world!

The response was overwhelming with over 65 applications to join the team and so we worked hard to pick a selection of different sewers and we are pleased to announce the first parcels have been sent out and we are looking at setting up a second group to run alongside this one with different fabrics- no need to reapply.

We have tasked the members to write a paragraph about themselves to introduce them to you all and hope to bring their profiles to you really soon.  In the meantime you can take a peak at the conents of their first parcel below…